Falling Skies: Compass – S2E3

In this week’s episode of Falling Skies is quite a tragic, deceitful and a well thought, planned out tactical manoeuvre; this episode personally to myself, is a special episode. So in the first start of the episode both Ben and Jimmy are out on patrols, but what Weaver doesn’t know is that Ben and Jimmy…

Geordie Shore: Season 3 TONIGHT!!!

I’ve been looking forward to this season for months, I’m from Newcastle myself and I’ve personally met Rebecca and James in my workplace. They both came in and ordered food from me. Anyway, the new series will air tonight on MTV at 10pm British Standard Time.  After watching both series I have worked out that…

3DS XL, Nintendo Why?

Just recently announced the Nintendo 3DS XL will be hitting our stores July 28th with the price “according to inentertainment” the price will range from £179.00 to £249.00. The screen is also 90% larger, but if I had to ask Nintendo one question it would be, “Why so many DS consoles?”  Here is a list…

Gears of War: Judgement Trailer


I’ve only recently just discovered this trailer never mind just hearing about this 2013 release. I love Gears of War but for some reason, once I’ve played the campaign from a new release, I just can’t seem to get back into it. But I still play the online play.

So it looks as though this game follows a squad called “Kilo Squad” commanded by Lieutenant Baird. Kilo Squad are sentenced to desertion reason for not following orders, being heroes. That’s as much as I can pull out of this trailer. I think Cole might be on that team as well.