A cold breeze mixed with stupidity.

My first blog is going to be cold with a lot of snow. A very small town we’ve all become familiar of, some of us wished we lived there and a lot of us just enjoy the humour from the small town folke. I’m talking about four, eight year old children from a small town in Colorado, are you now catching my drift?  Yes, I’m talking about the loveable town of South Park.

South Park is a small town in Colorado with so many characters in it, a lot like the Simpsons: South Park has a lot of violence, humour and racism in it. The creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker have both been creating sweet delicious South Park episodes since the 90’s. When I was younger, I was 9 years of age. I used to stay up really late once a week to catch South Park on channel 4 around 10pm. Either before or after Euro Trash.

The first South Park episode that was released in 1998, the original air date was called ‘Cartman Gets An Anal Probe’. That episode had me in stitches, Aliens visit South Park and insert a probe into Cartman’s rectum. Below is a picture of Cartman with the Anal probe in his rectum.


(S1.EP1. Cartman Gets An Anal Probe. 1998)


Kyle and Stan both convince Cartman that the Aliens weren’t a dream. Ike, Kyle’s Canadian stepbrother was abducted by the Aliens in the first part of the episode. The second part Kyle and Stan both activate the Anal device lodged in Cartman’s rectum to lower the Aliens back to Earth so Kyle can rescue Ike. Which in the end Kyle does rescue Ike.


(Eric, Kyle, Stan and Kenny camping around a fire.)


South Park is loved for more than it’s comedy, racism, humour and violence; it’s apart of your childhood, your memories that put a smile on your face when you’re watching each episode. No matter what episode that might be, South Park has its ups and downs but it’s still one of the most loved shows in history.

South Park is currently in the middle of its 16th series. We are waiting for news to when 16×08 will be released but until then, I’m having to wait patiently. With 14 box sets already out on DVD, series 15 should be coming out later this year on DVD which will be added to my collection of South Park box sets.

South Park isn’t real of course, the show has so many adventures in it from Imaginationland to Crab People. So much we imagine or dream about is made up in this show, nothing makes sense and that’s good, because watching something that isn’t funny would just make a cartoon boring and pointless.

South Park impersonates celebrities, cropping faces of real pictures and attaching them to made up South Park characters from Tom Cruise gets stuck in the closet to Michael Jackson’s Neverland. Even though in real life, Tom Cruise did actually try and get the episode pulled off the air and Matt Stone and Trey Parker sued for humiliating Tom Cruise. But that didn’t happen because the viewers of South Park found is rather odd, strange and funny.

In South Park there are so many characters to remember, each of them has their own story, if you watch all current episodes, you’ll find out a lot of who’s related to who, everyone’s life story. There isn’t just human characters to look out for, Towlie the talking towel who is always on drugs. Mr Hankey the Christmas Poo is actually a piece of poo. Crab People that try and take over the world.

You’ve got episodes such as: Who’s Cartman’s real dad? There is two episodes and finally, a third which has Scott Tenorman Cartman’s half brother who tries to kill him.

Have you ever thought to yourself, what happens to Kenny after he dies? 

In a South Park episode, that question can be answered, I’m not going to give it away but there is a twist in one episode that will baffle you at the end of it. I mean it, there is a purpose to Kenny being in South Park, below is a link to a Youtube video with a introduction to an episode with Matt Stone and Trey Parker. They both talk on why kill off Kenny.


South Park has also been brought to games consoles around the world, from N64 and PS1 South Park Kart racing to South Park trivia game N64 and PS1 along with South Park versus the Thanks Giving Turkey killing game for both N64 and PS1. There is even an Xbox LIVE Arcade South Park game, not to mention South Park The Stick of Truth which will be released into our hands on March 5th 2013 on: Xbox  360, Playstation 3 and PC.


(South Park, The Stick of Truth, March 5th 2013)


This concludes my first blog. South Park fans or none fans, watch this show and I can guarantee you will become addicted. So now I’m going to sit here, on my bed and wait for news on a new release of South Park.


(A small image showing most of the cast)


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