Back to the Future? Nope, back to the past, Continuum.

You were hoping by reading the title that this blog was going to be based on the three hit movies Back to the Future, sadly you’re wrong. But this does include travelling back from the future, not like the Termintator, but a big flash of terrorists. This whole new action packed TV series follows a detective by the name of Kiera Cameron, (married with one child) who works for the Vancouver City Protective Services (CPS). Sarah attends an execution of eight of the most world’s dangerous terrorists in the year 2077.



(Kiera Cameron all suited and booted with her futuristic gun)


These terrorists go by the name of ‘Liber8’ they call themselves freedom fighters. They are tying finish off a war against the Orwellian corporate regime. Having killed thousand and thousands of people, these eight ‘freedom fights’ are being sentenced to death. But before the execution begins, Kiera notices that one of them is holding some kind of device that looks like a Terry’s chocolate orange, but before she alerts anyone else, she runs towards the device to take it from him. 


Kiera is too late and the device is activated. A big flash appears and they are all transported back to the year 2012. Once arriving in our time, Kiera uses her transponder to communicate with her people (CPS) but what she doesn’t realize is that she’s in the year 2012. Kiera hears a voice on her radio, not someone she knows but knows of, someone who invents the technology that she’s using and may or may not be responsible for the time travelling incident. The voice is coming from a very intelligent teenager that goes by the name of Alec Sadler. Alec is Kiera’s one ally in this present time, he helps her to get acquainted with this time era. 


One of the eight terrorists is arrested by police, Kiera then impersonates a detective from Portland PD, Linda Williams and teams up with a detective by the name of Carlos to track and stop this gang. Police do not know they’re terrorists from the year 2077. Carlos is confronted by Portland PD and finds out that Kiera isn’t Linda Williams. She is then arrested whilst the freedom fighters attack and kill several people in order to use a device with enough power that will allow them to travel back to the year 2077, or will it?


Alec creates a fake F.B.I. file which is restricted so that the police can’t view it, they than believe that she is a Federal Agent. The freedom fighters along with Kiera have a ceasefire and both sides agree they want to go home. 



(Most of the cast from the show)


I’m not going to ruin any bit of the ending to episode two, but it’s the start of something beautiful. This show was aired on the 27th of May 2012 on Showcase and is currently on its second episode. With its third coming out this week. This futuristic Sci-Fi series is amazingly pieced together, the storyline, the characters along with its great effects. This series is to be expected to end with ten episodes, whether or not it’ll be renewed for a second series, I do not know. Below is a link to the trailer, please enjoy.




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