American Dad: Volume 7, FULLY EXPOSED.

Volume 7 is the new addition to the American Dad series; released 14th of May 2012. This epic new volume has nineteen fresh new episodes with three disks. This volume has a lot more humour and plenty of more action within each episode. The whole Smith family are out of control, flirting, marriage and even breakups.

(American Dad, the family)


Although you don’t see much of Klaus in this series, it’s still worth watching because the humour in this television show is impossible not to laugh at. As for you lot who don’t know who Klaus is; his full name is Klaus Heissler who was once a German Olympic Ski Jumper. In 1986, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) transferred Klaus’ mind from his Human body, to the body of a goldfish so that he couldn’t win the golden medal at the Olympics. Klaus is practically in love with Francine, but he’s very miserable and stubborn.


(Klaus the goldfish)


Roger is an alien that lives with the Smiths in their household, Roger escaped Area 51 with the help of Stan, but Roger saved Stan’s life. Stan still believes he owes Roger a life debt, so he lets the alien live in his house. Roger is a lazy alien who drinks a lot of alcohol and eats a lot of junk food; but what really interests myself, and a lot of people is how Roger has so many personas. For each episode, Roger has a different persona, (sometimes more than one per episode) it’s his only way of communicating with other people in the outside world without being compromised. He is still a wanted Alien.


(Rodger the alien)


Steve Smith is Francine’s and Stan’s son, he is fifteen and one of the biggest nerds around. Steve has three friends named: Snot, Barry and Toshi who he hangs around with constantly. Stan doesn’t like Steve much because he wants his ‘perfect’ son to become what he is; a tough, confident man who loves his country (Patriot). Also he wants Steve to work for the Central Intelligence Agency. Steve wants sex so bad, he wants his virginity gone. Seven series later and he’s still a virgin.


(Steve Smith)


Hayley Smith is the daughter of both Francine and Stan. Hayley is a hardcore liberal ‘hippy’ who attends college. Herself and her father Stan never agree on anything, they’re always at each others throats because of their opposite views. In the newest volume, number 7, she marry’s her boyfriend Jeff. But she has more ‘romance’ within the other series.


(Hayley Smith)


Francine Smith is the wife of Stan, mother of both Steve and Hayley. Francine is the girl of the show, beautiful, caring and an outgoing woman; she’s always there for her family. Each episode you always learn something new about her, the little schemes she gets up to. Francine is mostly a house wife, she never gets to do the stuff she’s dreamed of doing because Stan is so stuck up and against things Francine likes. Although in the end, Francine always gets her way.


(Francine Smith)


Stan smith is the husband of Francine and father to both Steve and Hayley. Stan works for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Stan is the biggest patriot in America, one of the most stuck up, most self centred people you’ll ever have the chance to meet. Stan only cares about himself, sometimes his family when he realizes when he is wrong. His CIA boss is Avery Bullock, pretty much Stan’s best friend. He always sucks up to his boss because he wants to show that he can become the best agent in America and to keep the world safe.


(CIA Agent Stan Smith)


With volume 7 being ‘Fully Exposed’, you do notice a MAJOR differences from the rated television series to the un-rated DVD series. More swearing and some nudity. Take it from me, this is worth buying, I paid £20 from HMV near where I live and I do not regret buying this DVD, it’s not one that I’d consider getting rid of in the next twenty years.

I hope by reading this blog that I have convinced you to watch this volume. I’ve given you all a little insight to who the characters are and what you’ll be expecting in this volume. So get watching this brilliant newest volume of American Dad, you’re a sucker if you don’t.


(American Dad: Volume 7 DVD Cover)


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