The Killing: Donnie or Marie – S2E12

This week’s episode of The Killing (10/06/2012) is one of the most tensed episodes of both seasons, with an unexpected ending. This episode is just part one of a two parter season finale; with episode thirteen coming out next Sunday; you’re all going to be in driving yourselves crazy waiting a full week. But in the mean time I’d suggest that you re-watch this episode over and over again.

In the start of the episode Adams allows Linden and Holder to continue with the Rosie Larsen case until the murderer has been caught. Holder and Linden are so close to finding Rosie Larsen’s killer; they have all the Indian Casino’s CCTV tapes; along the way both Linden and Holder both discover something shocking. The missing key card belonged to Gwen, one of Richmond’s campaign advisor’s.


(Adams with Holder and Linden making a little deal)


Linden and Holder both confront Gwen and question her, she gives off complicated answers; she struggles to keep a straight face. When Linden says, “Why didn’t you tell us that you were driving the car Rosie Larsen’s body was found in?” Gwen seems to put a protective front on, knowing that Linden and Holder are onto her. Gwen threatens them and walks off.


(Gwen, Holder and Linden having a nice discussion)


Meanwhile in the Larsen household, Mitch (Rosie’s mum) has returned home, when both Denny and Tommy Larsen both return home with Aunt Terry; Denny runs over and hugs him mum but Tommy walks away whilst Terry goes after him. Terry and Mitch have a deep and personal conversation, ending with Terry angry and in tears. In the conversation Terry ‘accidentally’ tells Mitch that they are moving house. Mitch confronts Stan and wants an explanation; telling him she came back for her and the kids. Stan and the boys just want a fresh start but Mitch doesn’t take to that too well. Stan walks off and leaves Mitch on her own, the Larsen’s are far from normalcy.


(Mitch and Stan Larsen having a heart to heart)


Nicole Jackson who is the Indian Casino ‘boss’ has a girlfriend called Roberta Drays who ends up with a broken arm. Nicole breaks her arm because of Linden finding the hidden key card. Linden notices that in the black and white photo with Gwen and Nicole on that Nicole’s ex-girlfriend also has a cast on her arm which leaves Linden to more thinking.


(Linden’s doing some serious thinking)


When Richmond looks at the totalled votes so far and is preparing for the election day, he receives an anonymous (No audio) phone call that later in the episode he responds to. A bit worried looking, Richmond pulls up to a house; never seen before in both series. He wheels himself in and says, “Get to the point, if you are who you say you are, prove it”. From seeing the face in the dark house, I can only imagine it to be Richmond’s father.

Linden and Holder both watch the elevator tape from the Indian Casino on the night Rosie was killed. Four people enter the elevator: Rosie, Nicole, Ames and then finally they both find themselves surprisingly shocked at Jamie (Richmond’s campaign advisor) as he entered the Indian Casino’s elevator.


(Jamie, Richmond’s campaign advisor in the Indian Casino elevator)


This has also left myself shocked and the suspense is unreal. I’m not a very patient person at times and this is one of those times where I’m just eager to know who Rosie’s killer is; I won’t be finding that out until next week.


(AMC The Killing)


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