Call of Duty Black Ops 2 E3 2012 Gameplay

So most of you hardcore Call of Duty fans out there are already pleased about there being another Black Ops game. The first Black Ops game was amazing; not only for the campaign but also for Zombies.

The new online sensation coming fall this year (Black Ops 2) takes place in the future; 2025 to be precise. This story follows Mason’s son (Mason was the main character in Black Ops 1) says Treyarch at E3.

The multiplayer will be the same as any other call of duty game; ranking system and prestiging will also follow on from the other multiplayer games. Treyarch has confirmed Zombies will be returning with eight players per game instead of just having four.

This game looks so immense, set in the future, who would have thought it ‘ey?


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