Olympic Torch Newcastle 15th June 2012.

I finished work on Friday to realize that the Olympic Torch was in my area of Newcastle. I quickly hurried with my girlfriend straight into Town and I was suddenly shocked to see the amount of people that were on the high street. I managed to snap a few images of the Olympic Torch. the parade and a video which I’m currently uploading to Youtube of Bear Grylls zip lining from the Tyne Bridge holding the Olympic Torch. Please enjoy these fantastic images.


(Eldon Square High Street entrance with tones of people)



(Crowds of people in Newcastle High Street)



(You can see the Olympic Torch, only just, held by the man in white)



(Clear image of the Olympic Torch)



(Bear Grylls at the Newcastle Tyne Bridge Zip Linning with the Olympic Torch)


To see 15 minutes of Bear Grylls at Newcastle on the Tyne bridge zip linning please watch it via this link; 




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