The Amazing Spider-Man Movie 2012.

Okay so we all know who Spidey (Spider-Man) is, he’s our childhood superhero memory. There are already three other Spidey films and the last Spider-Man film to be released was back in 2007 which was Spider-Man 3; even that was amazing. The first three films had; Tobey Maguire (Peter Parker/Spider-Man), Kristen Dunst (Mary-Jane Watson) and James Franco (Harry Osborn). These three people were the main characters in all three films.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2012: The Plot

The Amazing Spider-Man focuses on Peter’s past. A suitcase discovered by Peter Parker that belonged to his dad who abandoned him when he was a child; Peter suddenly discovers that this leads him to his fathers former partner, Dr. Curtis Connors. The discovery that Peter makes will shape his destiny as “Spider-Man” forever; as he comes into contact with Connors (The Vicious Lizard).


(Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire Spider-Man comparison)


In this new film, The Amazing Spider-Man the cast is different, with all new people playing the roles of the original characters: Andrew Garfield will be playing Spider-Man instead of Tobey Maguire and Emma Stone will be playing Gwen Stacy who is Peter’s first love before Mary-Jane as a character was introduced. This film will be released in the UK in cinemas July 3rd 2012. Below is an image of a double decker bus that I took with my mobile phone of The Amazing Spider-Man.


(The Amazing Spider-Man movie poster on a double decker bus in Newcastle)


What is Spider-Man about?

Peter Parker the high school student who lives in Forest Hills with his aunt May and uncle Ben in New York city; he is secretly in love with his next door neighbour Mary-Jane Watson but doesn’t tell her until later on in the films. Peter has a best friend called Harry Osborn who has a father called Norman Osborn (The Green Goblin). They all go on a field trip to the genetics laboratory to learn about spiders; a genetically engineered spider (Which I thought was just a new species) bites Peter when taking a photograph of Mary-Jane.

Peter feels dizzy and tired and when he gets home he passes out. The next morning Peter wakes up feeling refreshed, better than ever. He then notices something really odd, he can see without using his glasses and he notices that he has a muscular body. When Peter is in school he also notices a piece of web material coming from his hand, when he gets up and walks away, the tray of food hits Mary-Jane’s boyfriend in the back. Mary-Jane’s boyfriend then comes up to Peter moving his first towards Peter’s face; in slow motion Peter quickly out manoeuvres him and ends the fight.


(Peter as Spider-Man kissing Mary-Jane Watson in the rain upside down)


Later on that night, Mary-Jane and Peter both have a quick talk, Peter then realizes that he needs a car to impress the “love of his life” Mary-Jane. So he enters a wrestling tournament to win a grand prize of $3,000 oh so he thinks he does. His uncle drops him off, thinking Peter has attended the library, then returning to pick him up. Peter let’s a thief slip past him in the elevator when he only wins $100 from the tournament; not realizing that the thief shoots Pete’s uncle Ben who then dies in his arms.

Peter then changes his clothes to his wrestling tournament costume and chases after the shooter/thief, once caught up with the shooter/thief, Peter than let’s him drop to his death… I’m not going to ruin it for the rest of you Marvel/Spider-Man fans even though you already have seen it.



(The Amazing Spider-Man poster 3rd July 2012)


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