Do you have a messy bedroom?

I believe that if you have a messy bedroom it affects your personality. Having a messy bedroom for me results in myself being lazy, feeling terrible and very tired.


(My messy bedroom and my angry mood)


If I clean my room, keep it organised and spotless; a change in personality in myself I also see the difference. I feel as hungry, tired or lazy and I don’t feel so down. Your personal space should reflect on how you feel; I hate my room being a mess, a certain girlfriend makes it like that. 

But if you have a clean, tidy and organised personal space, then you will feel great. So take it from me, if your room is a mess, just give it a little tidy, it’ll keep your parents off your back and have a little change around if you get bored of your room. New colours and a slight change also affects my personality. 


(I’m sleeping happy tonight, clean bedsheets)


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