The Killing: What I Know – S2E13

So in this week’s last episode of The Killing “17.06.1012, 2×13, What I know”, is the biggest most important episode of both seasons; not because it’s the last, it’s because we FINALLY find out who the killer of Rosie Larsen is. This episode has an unexpected ending that totally shocked myself and I know a lot of other fans out there as well.

So this episode starts off in the Larsen household, just before the night Rosie dies. It shows in steps how Rosie went by her day. Mitch is just about to go camping and she’s telling Rosie loads of things, not realizing that Rosie is wanting to say goodbye to everyone. Rosie then goes downstairs to what I can see, to say goodbye to Stan but he’s on the phone and is too busy to talk to Rosie. He just catches the sight of her in his eye, the last he’ll ever see of her. 


(Last glimpse of Rosie Stan will ever look upon)


In the first episode of the first season we see another person chasing Rosie through the woods with a torch. Up until this last episode we finally discover who chased her, that person was Jamie. When Rosie was in the casino’s hotel room saying goodbye to the city, she overheard the conversation between Ames, Jackson and Jamie. Jamie is the last to leave and he hears Rosie’s phone going off. He walks towards the noise and bumps into Rosie. Jamie accidentally knocks Rosie to the ground where blood is seen coming from her head.

Jamie takes Rosie out to the wood but she escapes, Jamie then peruses her into the woods where he hits her several times with his torch. This is what Jamie is telling Richmond, just as he says all of that; Linden, Holder and Gwen both arrive. Jamie holds up Darren’s gun, no one actually knows whether or not it’s empty (But it is empty), everyone tries to calm Jamie down but Holder makes the shot. Unfortunately Jamie didn’t survive. Linden and Holder piece the case together and they put Jamie as the killer of Rosie.


(Jamie standing over Rosie’s body with his torch)


Does that also explain how she ended up drowned alive in the boot of the car?

That is a question you must be thinking right about now. Jamie the killer, it seems hardly unlikely. But given his story, he seems far from normality. Holder and Linden still have missing pieces to the case, what happened to the car with the broken tail light? 

Linden and Holder drive to the Larsen’s house to break the news but Terry informs them that they’re out and will be back later. Terry goes off into the house and nosey detective Linden takes a ‘little’ look around the Larsen’s garage and notices a broken tail light on their car. Both Holder and Linden go inside the house to find Terry in Rosie’s bedroom on her bed looking distraught. 


(Secretary’s car going into the water; Ames, Jamie watching Kerry as she done it)


Terry admits to putting the car into the lake, she didn’t know it was Rosie inside the car and she bursts out crying, scared and confused. Stan and Mitch return with the boys, Terry is about to tell them but Linden warns her not to. Terry tells Stan and Mitch she let the car go into the lake because she was having an affair with Ames and wanted everything to be okay. Not knowing it was Rosie. 

Stan goes for Terry with such an angry face, Holder grabs Stan in the chokehold position and tells him he needs to go and see to the boys, they need him. Terry bursts out into tears and runs towards Mitch begging for forgiveness but Mitch is upset and shocked. 


(Mitch looking shocked as Terry begs for forgiveness)


Linden and Holder both receive the film on Rosie’s cam corder and they send it to the Larsens. At the end of the show we see Rosie’s homemade video saying she loves her family and that she wants to see the whole world. 


(The Larsen’s sitting watching Rosie’s homemade video)


Every time I watch the ending to see Rosie’s video it makes myself as a viewer upset, this show really has an impact on your emotions if you watch it from the start. I know there isn’t going to be another season to this show, if there is I’m hoping Linden and Holder in a different case but I don’t think that will happen. This show has been so good from the start, both seasons are great and if you’ve not seen them I’d advise you to watch them all QUICKLY. 



(AMC The Killing)


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