Android: My Xbox Live App’.

Microsoft have just recently launched an application for Android users called ‘My Xbox Live’ which is the easiest way to access your Xbox Live account when you’re away from your console. My Xbox Live comes with a few awesome features; sending and receiving messages, changing your avatar’s clothes, viewing your own achievements, spotlight, edit your profile and view you friends’ profiles. 

Live animation is a bonus with this application, when you activate the application your profile will appear with your avatar moving, your gamerscore along with buttons to click for your messages and friends. Your avatar will move. This is also similar to the website version.


(Live animation on your profile screen)


You can view the list of games you’ve played, check your progress by looking at your achievements. I’m not sure if you can compare with friends or not.


(View your own achievements and games)


You can also view which friends are online and offline. View their profiles, send and receive messages. 


(View friends that are online/offline, view profiles and send messages)


The spotlight shows new and upcoming games, trailers and information which you can watch and view.


(What’s new in the spotlight) 


This app is great, not just because it’s FREE but because of its effects. The sound it makes when you touch different buttons and how fast this application runs. Good job Microsoft for making such an excellent application all of us Android users can finally use. 


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