3DS XL, Nintendo Why?

Just recently announced the Nintendo 3DS XL will be hitting our stores July 28th with the price “according to inentertainment” the price will range from £179.00 to £249.00. The screen is also 90% larger, but if I had to ask Nintendo one question it would be, “Why so many DS consoles?” 

Here is a list of all the DS consoles:

– Nintendo DS Chunky

– Nintendo DS Lite

– Nintendo DSI

– Nintendo DSI XL

– Nintendo 3DS


The 3DS XL will now be added into the DS family. Nintendo makes so many handheld consoles along with Sony, for most people it’s hard to keep up with both companies price wise. Microsoft isn’t even thinking about releasing another console for another two years, which is good for Xbox gamers, it gives them time to save. I know Nintendo wants to keep their gaming up to standards but releasing so many consoles is just too much, maybe one main console with Nintendo Wii Live? Below is a comparison between the 3DS and the new 3DS XL.



(3DS and 3DS XL Comparison)


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