Falling Skies: Compass – S2E3

In this week’s episode of Falling Skies is quite a tragic, deceitful and a well thought, planned out tactical manoeuvre; this episode personally to myself, is a special episode.

So in the first start of the episode both Ben and Jimmy are out on patrols, but what Weaver doesn’t know is that Ben and Jimmy are both hunting Skidders. With the Skidders already looking for the Second Mass, Weaver and Tom are planning on moving out but just before they can do that, Pope and his “Little Crew” all kidnap Tom and take him out to the woods.


(Pope has Tom kidnapped in the woods)


Pope is still not sure why Tom was released by the Aliens and to be quite honest, I’m not even 100% sure myself. Tom isn’t just going to walk away that easily and Pope isn’t going to give up that easily either. Pope offers to look after his children just like his own, then Pope uses another mind trick on Tom by saying that no one will miss him back at camp, it’s best if he just goes.

Pope’s tricks don’t work and just after Pope says his last words Ben comes rushing out of the woods and holds a gun up to Pope’s neck. Jimmy fires a warning shot from the bushes and Pope releases Tom. The Berserker’s all get detained and Tom requests to be assigned to them so he can keep an eye on Pope and his little tricks.


(Ben with a knife up to Pope’s neck)


Weaver grants Tom permission to join the Berserkers. Whilst Ben and Jimmy are out on “Patrol” they both encounter three Skidders. Ben makes a coughing sound and they move towards their direction. Jimmy fires a shot from his rifle and the bullet “Dragon Breath according to Pope” hits one of the Skidders and they burst out into flames. One Skidder manages to survive.

Ben runs out to kill it with his knife but gets knocked to the ground. Jimmy then runs out, fires a shot but sadly misses; goes to hit the Skidder but the Skidder throws Jimmy at a tree. The Skidder activates the spikes on Ben’s back, Ben can still be controlled by the Aliens. The Skidder walks off and leaves Ben alive.


(Jimmy firing the Dragon Breath at the Skidders) 


Ben runs up to the tree where Jimmy is hanging off from, there is a big sharp spike/trunk that has pierced right through Jimmy’s stomach. Jimmy is gasping for air whilst Ben figures out how to get him down. Ben cuts the branch from the back and carries Jimmy to the Second Mass. If Ben had of removed the spiked branch, Jimmy would have lost a lot more blood and probably would have died just being carried in.


(Jimmy with a branch pierced through his stomach)


Tom and Weaver both take their anger out on some random lockers in the base camp HQ (Head Quarters). A sound of a plane distracts them from the pain of Jimmy’s accident, both Weaver and Tom go out to investigate. A red plane lands at the airport with the Second Mass aiming their guns up to find out who is flying the plane. A blonde haired girl appears popping her head out of the right hand side of the plane window shouting, “Well hello there, who do we have here?”.


(Hello there, I’m Avery. Don’t mind me landing here do you?)


She tells everyone her name “Avery Churchill”. Avery is a pilot who flies around looking for survivors. Avery is saying that they need to set up a Unified Central Command in order to take back the planet. She needs to travel around Europe to different countries for survivors so they can high tail it to Charleston to the new Government. Avery is asked by Weaver to stay until they move out from the airport so that she doesn’t give their location away. Ben checks back on Jimmy, then notices that he isn’t breathing so he gets help. Anne rushes out to help, she tries to resuscitate him but Jimmy doesn’t respond, he dies on the operating table.

The following morning Weaver goes out and digs Jimmy’s grave. Avery tells Weaver everyone looks up to him as their leader, the Second Mass will walk with him to the gates of hell. Ben notices that Jimmy’s compass has gone missing, Tom has an idea of who would have taken it. Tom guessed correctly, Pope is wearing it around his neck. Tom asks nicely to take it off but Pope refuses and that ends up in a fight that Tom almost kills Pope.


(Everyone saying goodbye at Jimmy’s funeral)


Pope has had enough of the Second Mass so he walks out, which is a good thing for Tom and the Second Mass. Avery flies off looking for more survivors and the Second Mass gears up to move out from the airport with a few Military vehicles at their aide. Near the end of the episode, everyone attends Jimmy’s funeral; Weaver says a heart breaking speech along with everyone dropping dirt from their hands onto Jimmy’s body. Whilst the Second Mass is moving out, the Skidder returns to activate the spikes on Ben’s back again…


(The Skidder lighting up the spikes on Ben’s back) 


Who knows what Ben is capable of now that he can still be controlled, personally I don’t want to know. I hope that the Second Mass do make their way to Charleston unless if it isn’t a trap…


(Falling Skies)


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