North East of England Flooding, Thunder and Lightning with Hailstone.

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Yesterday around 3.30pm I was on my way to a friend’s shop which is a small game shop that sells: DVD’s, Blu-Ray, Games and Consoles. I know the managers, I’ve been good friends with them for many years. I was with my girlfriend when we noticed that the sun had been covered is mass clouds of light grey, darkening the sky until finally, the clouds turned dark grey.

The temperature of the air was quite warm, I had my coat off until it started to rain. The rain came as normal, a small little rain shower until it started to pick up gradually becoming thick little lumps of hailstone. I mean rain and hail stone mixed in together, you hadn’t seen anything like it. The thunder was then brought on with lightning, after 25 minutes of experiencing this, the weather took a turn; the hail stone and rain both stopped for approximately 5 minutes.

We said our goodbyes and walked from the shop up the front street and the rain started again, after a few seconds the rain picked up again as bad as the first round. We took shelter in a carpet shop which was flooded. Mass amounts of water were building up and flooding the shop so we just thought, let’s just embrace the weather. So we did and the water was up just past my ankles half way up to my knees.

As we walked up the front street we past a shop called the Card Factory and their shop was flooded. We walked into the bus station and that as well was flooded. In the bus station lightning hit twice, I had the shock of my life. I was going to make my way home but the weather had turned nice, the sun was out so I thought let’s go shopping, worse mistake I could have made. Whilst I was on my way to the shops the roads were flooded with water, police cars everywhere along with fire engines.

I can’t really say more apart from more shops being flooded, stranded in Newcastle for 4 hours just waiting for one train or bus to arrive. I have videos that I am currently compiling together and then I will upload it via Youtube. The Mayans prediction of 2012 being our last year might actually be true.


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