Falling Skies: Young Bloods – S2E4.

This week’s episode of Falling Skies is quite an interesting one, we look further into how a harnessed alien attaches itself to a human child. Weaver is reunited with his long lost daughter and the Second Mass gears up for another action packed mission to free the harnessed children from the evil Skidders.

Ben and Hal are both out on patrol and they both discover a factory that is still in use with steam venting and one Mech patrolling the factory. Ben is still moaning about the death of Jimmy, Ben seems to be the only person who is still moaning over the passing. Whilst Ben and Hal are both distracted by looking at this factory, both of their bikes are stolen. Hal tries to run after them but the thieves are already too far ahead but luckily for Ben he knows that they’re heading East.

I don’t know how Ben can know they’re heading east, it still freaks me out knowing that the Skidders can control him still. Maybe Ben is receiving some kind of transmission, showing him or telling him what direction and location that the thieves have went off in. Maybe it’s just instinct, Ben knows his sense of direction. Who knows.

Ben and Hal both catch up to where the thieves are hiding out. It seems the thieves are a small group of young children lead by a Spanish teenager called Diago. A small confrontation almost leads into a blood bath with Ben covering Hal from a high position, Diago and his group all agree to put down their weapons. Hal offers them food and supplies from their camp if a few of them go with him. When they all reach the Second Mass’ camp, Weaver catches eyes on a familiar sight, his daughter Jeanie who he thought died in the first wave of the invasion.

Diago turns out to be Jeanie’s boyfriend and Weaver is shocked at the fact she can speak Spanish. Weaver and Jeanie have a little catchup whilst Diago plans on moving out back to his group. When Diago, Ben, Hal and the others return back to the warehouse, they find that it has been smashed to pieces. Blood everywhere  with the children taking. Everyone reports back to Second Mass and figures out that the factory that is operational, the one that Ben and Hal found could be a place where they harness children. Weaver figures out a plan but Diago doesn’t want to plan, he just wants to save his group. Diago tells Weaver that he doesn’t take orders from him, someone who couldn’t even protect his own family and Weaver loses it.

Jeanie tells her father no wonder her mum kicked him out, Weaver has anger issues that he yet needs to control. Weaver, Tom, Hal, Ben and the others from the Second Mass all gear up to move out but then realizing that Diago and his group have already moved out. When the Second Mass arrives at the harnessing factory they notice that Diago and his group have already been captured. They all move into the factory not knowing what lies in their path. The Second Mass open fire on the Skidders killing them before they could manage to harness more children.

Before anyone from the Second Mass rescues any of the children, one of the children is in the stage of being harnessed. A small bug that attaches and controls the children crawls down onto the boys back, the alien creature pushes these spikes out of its mouth right into the boys neck, the bottom end of the alien’s body releases spikes that are then pushed into the boy’s spine. Both sides of the alien’s body then releases more spikes that pierce into the boys back. The alien starts to glow and the boy is instantly controlled by alien. The boy has now been harnessed and the Second Mass were too late for him.

Weaver and his team free the children but Ben stumbles across the harnessing tank. He looks into the tank and sees these alien harnessing creatures swimming around. The spikes on Ben’s back light up like crazy, Hal notices this. Ben aims his gun at them and shoots the tank until it breaks with all the small alien creatures crawling around, one of them manages to bite Weaver’s leg.

Weaver is recovering from the nasty attack to his leg when Jeanie walks in to see if he is okay. They both have a long chat, when Weaver falls asleep Jeanie leaves him a letter and leaves because she doesn’t want to leave Diago and her group because they don’t want to be apart of the resistance. Both Diago and Jeanie drive off away from the Second Mass, Weaver cries at the fact that his daughter has left. But one day maybe Weaver will be reunited with his daughter again.

In the note that Jeanie left she says at the end, “I love you papa bear, always and forever, baby bear”. That has weaver in tears. I don’t blame him, it is a sad letter but Jeanie must do what she thinks is right. Staying with her group because they need her and she needs them. Just like the Second Mass needs their leader, Weaver.

Hal is still trying to terms to how and why Ben still being controlled by the Skidders. Hal doesn’t understand why the Skidders would want to still control Ben still. Maybe use him for something? I think Ben has a big role still to be played in this show, I can’t figure out why Ben is still being controlled but hopefully next week’s episode will give me a little insight to why.


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