Left 4 Dead: Cold Stream – Xbox 360 Release.

Good morning fellow readers! This morning I bring you an usual gaming update, a game that hasn’t been radar since 2009. When all hope had seemed lost Valve the creators of Left 4 Dead have just announced a release of a new campaign that they have been beta testing for over a year to be released on the Xbox 360. This downloadable content will arrive on Xbox LIVE 26 July of this month along with four original maps:


– Blood Harvest: This will be the original campaign from the first game with the original survivors all four battling their way to the barricaded farmhouse for rescue by the United States Military. 


(Blood Harvest Cover)


– Crash Course: Shortly after the event of No Mercy (Original L4D Campaign) the helicopter pilot that rescues the original characters in the first game has been contracted with the zombie virus. Zoey killing the pilot in mid-flight sends the helicopter to a crash landing in Fairfield, Whitney County where the survivors must make their way to Fairfield’s industrial area. At the industrial area there is an armoured truck they can use to escape.


(Crash Course Cover)


– Dead Air: The original survivors must make their way to Newburg’s Metro International Airport where they must hold off all hordes until the plane can refuel and is ready to take off. 


(Dead Air Cover) 


– Death Toll: The survivors believe that the Military is still holding out in a small town called Riverside. The survivors make their way towards Riverside. They realise that they need to find away to get over the broken highway. They then discover they can enter a road tunnel which leads to a drainage system. Once the survivors make their way from the drainage system they walk right into a train yard which then leads to the Riverside first church but the Military isn’t there. The survivors must then call for help and wait for a boat to come and pick them up from a random picnic spot in Riverside town. 


(Death Toll Cover) 


All of these four original campaigns will feature as a bonus in the downloadable content for Cold Stream. This new DLC will feature the original survivors: Zoey, Francis, Bill and Louis in the fight for their lives against the rotten corpses (Undead) that will get at nothing eat them for dinner. There is no further information to how much the DLC will cost; in the past previous DLC’s have cost around 800 Microsoft Points which to be fair has always been quite cheap for Valve’s downloadable contents. 


(Cold Stream Cover)



(Cold Stream Loading Cover)



(Cold Stream Gameplay Sneak Peak) 


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