Star Wars: Battlefront 3 – CANCELLED!

Okay, so if you’re a BIG Star Wars fan just like me then you’re familiar with both games Battlefront one and Battlefront two. Battlefront a first person SCI-FI shooter, different maps featuring from different planets you can choose from four sides;

– Rebels: The rebels are in it to defeat the Galactic Empire, the evil darkside Lord Vader, Darth Sidious and his clone army. The rebels come in all forms of species, four different classes when playing the game so you have your choice of what weapon you wish to use.

– Empire: Storm troopers with four different classes, you can choose as well the character you wish to play as. Defeat the goody two shoes the Rebels or let them defeat you.

– Republic: Play as a clone trooper battling the CIS (Confederacy of Independent Systems) to own the galaxy, then turn on the Jedi, become evil with Anakin Skywalker or should I say Darth Vader (Traitor). Take the fight to the Battle Droids to all planets.

– CIS (Confederacy of Independent Systems): Take the fight to the Republic try and defeat them or be defeated yourself. Kill Jedi or simply kill their army.


Star Wars Battlefront is an epic battleground of major fire fights. If you have a favourite side then you can not only play as them, fight in space with your favourite fighter ships or simply run the enemy over in tanks. We’ve all been waiting years for news on Battlefront 3, any possible leaks or any E3 announcements from LucasArts. A hour leak of Battlefront 3 gameplay was “leaked” on the internet, you can catch the video at:

I put those quotation marks there because simply I believe that the game was “leaked” on the net to fuck us fans over. Sorry for my offensive language but earlier this week LucasArts has announced this game as cancelled. With a change of management within the LucasArts company according to Free Radical spokesman Steve Ellis; Free Radical is the company that is, sorry was, in the process of creating Battlefront 3. Since the new management back in April of this year, the company has wanted to go in a different direction, I don’t know what they mean by that. But obviously Battlefront 3 to them isn’t up to their standards. I don’t know why they would want to cancel the game, the previous two Battlefront games have been a major success in selling millions, not to mention there is still a strong online community of players who still play the games.


Why would Free Radical spend the past few years working on this game and suddenly, just because there is a change of management the game has to be cancelled. Us fans have been kept in the dark about this game for years, no trailer releases, no information or leaks until this one hour video was leaked which you can watch in the description above. I’m quite annoyed from hearing this devastating news, I’m one of the  biggest Lucas fan boys there are and this has annoyed me all bloody day. I was looking forward to this game coming out, I did lose a little hope for this game as the years have gone by with no information. I just didn’t know it would get cancelled. I hope in the future that there is a Battlefront 3 but a different company take up the project. Below is a leaked image of a Rebel soldier.

 (Leaked Battlefront 3 image of a Rebel Soldier)


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