Hawaii Five-0

This may be the most brilliant and well thought of detective show on TV. I mean if you’re a big fan of action packed cop shows with a lot of guns and violence hinted with a little bit of forensic work then you will definitely love this show. This show is based on four detectives solving crimes per each episode. Alongside these episodes you will also learn about each of the character’s backgrounds, their past and their current lives. I mean why watch a show and not know anything about your favourite character? Hawaii Five-0 doesn’t bring just that, there is so much action in this show, the directors have had this show well planned out. The quality of the effects were well within their budget, and they have done a terrific job mastering the whole show.

Hawaii Five-0 is a newer version of the old TV series back in 1968 to 1980. The original series has 12 seasons all set in Hawaii itself. This show was produced by CBS Productions and the show aired September 20, 1968 to April 4, 1980 and currently the programs are still in reruns. Hawaii Five-0 so far has finished its second series, its third series has actually just been renewed. Series one finished on twenty four episodes and series two finished on twenty three episodes. Each and every episode has its own little story that builds up on the Five-0’s lives. Firstly before I get into that I’m going to give you a full brief of the characters in the show and their background. Just a reminder that all this information is based on the 2010 series that might not reflect on the original series, some information might be a tad little different because I haven’t watched the original series.



Firstly I’m starting off with the star of the show Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett. Steve is a military boy, just like his father and his grandfather before him. Growing up with his sister Mary. Until Steve was sixteen he lived with both of parents in Honolulu, Hawaii. When Steve was sixteen his mother was killed in a car accident by a drunk driver but later in the series Steve finds that out to be a homicide.  This one case is why Steve is back in Hawaii to find out the truth of his mom’s death. Steve’s father John has been investigating his wife’s murder for years and has came across some answers that shocked him about the truth. The main reason why Steve returns to Hawaii is because Steve has been tracking Victor and Anton Hesse both brothers for five years, both terrorists. Steve was transporting Anton to another facility when his Military convoy became under attack by Victor’s men. The deal was that if Steve released Anton he would release Steve’s father John who is being held against his will. Unfortunately Steve kills Anton in self defence when Anton pulls a gun out on him. Victor’s anger gets John killed. Steve returns back home to his father’s funeral and the Governor of Hawaii gives her condolences to Steve and asks him to set a task force to take down and capture Victor. But what Steve doesn’t realise is that there is more to this task force, he’ll find out more information about his familie’s past. Steve also has a little help from his sister Mary in uncovering more information about his Mother’s death. The Governor gave Steve and his task force full immunity to take down all criminals.

Secondly we have Detective Danny Williams all the way from New Jersey who moved to Hawaii because his ex-wife Rachel  remarried and moved to Hawaii. Danny met Rachel whilst pulling her over because she hit his car. Danny gave Rachel driving lessons and then they suddenly turned into dating lessons. They both married and had a daughter called Grace. Grace is the main reason why Danny moved over to Hawaii. Danny the second recruit to join Steve’s task force  and to this day Danny is still a valuable member of Five-0. Danny has a very plain sense of humour, his sarcastic jokes is what makes Danny a valuable member of the force. In season one there is still a love connection between him and Rachel, there is still some sort of spark there that might bring them back together.  Danny is a loyal police officer, protecting others is his main goal as a officer. Danny is dedicated to his job and to his daughter, but Danny and Steve don’t get along at first. Steve doesn’t follow protocol he puts a man in a cage surrounded by Sharks just to get answers so Danny has to show Steve the correct way of doing police work properly.

The third member of Five-0 goes by the name of Chin, his full name Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly. Chin is a disgraced police officer according to a lot of people. They all believe that Chin stole $200,000, of the $28,000,000 dollars that was missing from a case that Chin worked on. Chin finally found out that it was his Uncle who stole the money to save his Wife’s life. Chin took the blame but was never charged for the crime but handed his badge in because of all the shame other officers brought down upon him. Chin took up a job as a security guard, confronted by both Steve and Danny asking him to join Five-0. Chin wouldn’t join simply because he felt ashamed of the blame, rumours that everyone was saying about him. Being a disgraced police officer has left Chin ashamed to be on the police force even though Chin didn’t steal the money. Chin finally agreed to Join Five-0 but didn’t realise he would have a big part in the task force. Chin knew Steve’s father very well which was a bonus to Steve because Chin told Steve so many stories about his father. Chin is an honest police officer, hard working and follows orders well. Unlike Steve who takes things his own way.

Finally, the forth member of Five-0 is Chin’s pretty little cousin Officer Kono Kalakaua also known as Kono. Kono decides to join Five-o to become a fully trained police officer. She couldn’t have a proper graduation because Chin’s reputation. So Danny, Chin and Steve hold their own graduation by presenting Kono with an honorary Honolulu Detectives Badge. Kono is a sweet girl who gets along with with the guys fine, she is also quite intelligent and figures clues out to different cases quite quickly. She is also good at handling a gun.



Hawaii Five-0 is full of action, literally you can not watch one episode without seeing any gun action or even car action. All the episodes are well directed with each containing a case that the Five-0 team will investigate and complete. Some cases affect the moods of the team, some will be life threatening. Like the episode where Chin ends up with a bomb attached to his neck. It isn’t just about the comedy in this show, it’s about bringing criminals to justice with a lot of jokes mixed in and sometimes you wouldn’t think that they were being serious. Each episode typically begins with a crime happening and then the Five-0 team are alerted and end up being sent in to investigate. There is never a moment in Hawaii when crime isn’t happening, the Five-0 team are always on the receiving end of the phone solving cases and helping a lot of people; making a lot friends on the island and creating good and powerful connections. So if you’re not familiar with this show, by reading all of this boring text, I hope I’ve considered you to watch the show. As you watch the first episode you will automatically fall in love with the show, you’ll get to know all the character by the end of the first series. So take my advice and give this show a go. I will keep you all updated with series 3, since it has just recently been renewed for a third series.


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