09/07/2012: My TV Weekly Keep Up

In this week’s TV keep up I am going to be expanding on my own personal goals from last week and telling you which ones I have completed. Along with this week’s goals and what I need to achieve by the end of this week. So last week I made a goal to finish both series one of Nikita and Hawaii Five-0, I am proud to say that I completed both of those tasks very quickly.


(Nikita) I managed to find some time to tune into the last few episode of Nikita series one and I have to say the ending took me by surprise. I’ve loved the show since episode one, it’s shown me how Nikita hasmanaged to survive not only by gaining allies but also by sticking to her training. Making sure that she brings Division down. As I got the the last two episodes of the season, I could feel the tension in myself was slowly building up. When I seen Alex shoot Nikita I actually thought that she was dead. But she wasn’t, just injected with a sedative (With bullet holes in her of course).

I also loved how Alex didn’t use the one free chance she had of escaping, instead she ignored Amanda’s word of warning and ended up back with Nikita. Getting answers was her main priority. The ending I didn’t quite get when I seen Amanda with all these big important people sitting down in the dark with lights shining brightly over their heads. It looked like a new episode of Dragons Den. My thoughts on this show aren’t negative in any way, I thought just before I started watching this show, “It’s going to be another boring cheap storyline”, I was wrong. I’m going to be starting series two very soon so I can catch up with series 3 in October. I’m looking forward to watching more of Nikita, thanks Glen for getting me into this wonderful show.

(Hawaii Five-0) My other task was to complete Hawaii Five-0, right now this show did take some time to complete. The storyline in this show isn’t hard to grasp, Steve is finding out about the truth of his family’s past. But in the meantime whilst he finds out, he is also a fully trained detective. Solving crimes and bringing criminals to justice if they don’t pull a gun out on Steve then they’re the unlucky ones that end up in a grave. I’ve learned a lot about all of the characters in this show, I’ve came to realise as well that this show just isn’t about solving crime, it’s also about how funny solving crime can be with a hint of humour. Silly little jokes the characters make is what keeps this show amusing, of course the special effects are a bonus as well.

I can safely say that I will be giving series two a go, I mean this is one show I won’t be putting down, ever. I’m looking forward to getting this second series on the road very soon as I want to learn more about Garret’s family. My thoughts on this show couldn’t be negative even if I tried. Once again, thank you Glen for telling me about another great show. I cannot believe that I didn’t think about tuning into this show last year, it would have been worth it. So this is another goal crossed off my list.

(LOST) Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to tune into the last series of LOST. I have actually been wanting to finish this show for quite a while now. It’s been a pain in the ass and it’s a goal that I need to finish. It’s actually been over a year since I’ve been watching this show properly and I need to complete the final series if not I will end up going to hell and I don’t want that happening.

(Geordie Shore) Yes, I tuned into last week’s episode of Geordie Shore. That episode didn’t amuse me much, I really didn’t like the way Holly acted in that show.  Especially the way Holly acted in front of James was embarrassing. We didn’t see much of Charlotte or Rebecca, all I know is that they are living in a cheap hotel room for being kicked out of the house for not watching it. More arguments between Ricci and Vicky kicked off, almost resulting in a definite break-up. Gary, well all I can say about him is that on Twitter he set a trend off that insulted a lot of girls around the UK and he managed to embarrass himself in the bloody newspaper. I’m not really looking forward this this week’s episode of Geordie Shore as last week’s was a let down.

This Week’s Goals

This week’s goals are very short, there are only a few TV show’s that I’ll be watching this week. I haven’t made a definite decision to whether or not I’ll be watching Nikita series two or Hawaii Five-0 series two but I am thinking of catching up with South Park. I still have a few box sets of that to watch and the new Fifteenth series has just been released in ASDA for £17.99 which is a great price, quite cheap if you ask me.

I will be definitely watching my Monday weekly shows, Falling Skies and Continuum as they are the only two shows that are currently on air at the moment that are worth watching.

– Falling Skies: Love and Other Acts of Courage – S2E6

– Continuum: A Test of Time – S1E5

– Continuum: Time’s Up – S1E6

– South Park: Series 11

The reason being for the two continuum shows is because I couldn’t get a hold of 1×5 last week on isohunt all bloody week.. Every torrent that I downloaded was either a fake or a password protected file which really pissed me off. So I’ll be watching both of those straight away. I am going to conclude this as my weekly goals. Hopefully I will have more to go by next week.


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