Falling Skies: Love and Other Acts of Courage – S2E5

This week’s episode of Falling Skies had me a little freaked out with the beginning of the show. By the time you’ve watched this show it will leave your mind puzzled and wanting to find out more about the truth or the lie. This episode may be the start of something beautiful or the end of the human race as we know it. Let me give you a little insight to why…

The beginning of the show will have not just yourself freaked out, but everyone who watches this episode will be freaked out. I’m talking about the Skitters having religion, I’m not sure what religion but all the Skitters at the start of the show are all praying. Well in my eyes it seems to me that they are praying or praising someone or something. I almost forgot to mention the nice sunrise in the background, maybe they are praying the almighty sun?

The Second Mass are woken up by a loud explosion within the city, Weaver sounds out men to investigate thinking that it might be resistance fighters. When they all arrive there all the Skitters and Mechs are wiped out. I mean totally fried, all burnt to crisp, like a ghost town. Hal notices blue spikes glowing underneath a dead Skitter’s body, he shouts for his Dad and everyone rushes in to investigate. Unfortunately it isn’t Ben, it’s Rick. Hal tells his father (Tom) that Ben’s spikes can still be lit up and promised Ben that he wouldn’t tell anyone. When Rick wakes up he says he knows the location to where Ben is hiding, he says he’s in bad danger and he’s hurt real bad. Weaver not trusting what he’s saying Tom goes along with it because he believes that his son is in danger.

Rick leads them to a warehouse and inside is Ben with a live Skitter, the Second Mass prepare to open fire but Ben and Rick beg them not to. Tom remembers that the Skitter was on the Alien ship and the same Skitter that saved his life. Tom takes the live Skitter as a prisoner back to base. The Skitter tells Tom a lot of information saying that the Overlords those other looking Aliens took control of their species and put them into slavery. Tom not convinced by what the Skitter is saying, he doesn’t believe that there is a “Skitter Rebellion” and that the Skitter is lying and leading them into an ambush. The Skitter specifically says that with the human help and with the Skitter Rebellion, there can be an uprising that will end the war. Tom doesn’t believe what it’s saying even with Ben saying the same story.

Meanwhile both Hal and Margaret are sent out to find medical supplies for the Second Mass because they are running low. Hal and Margaret both find a hospital full of medical supplies. Margaret sits down with Hal and tells him that she used to have cancel, the bad kind of cancer that she’s had three operations on. Somewhere in that conversation leads to both of them kissing. Margaret pulls away because she thinks it’s wrong. Hal likes this girl but I thought Hal would wait for Karen to return from the Aliens. On the way back from the hospital Margaret and Hal become under fire from Mechs everywhere. Margaret falls off her bike and Hal does the whole hero routine and rushes back on his bike to save her.

Hal brings her back to base with the Second Mass under fire, Anne gets right to work on saving Margaret’s life. The prisoned Skitter escapes when Weaver comes in with a few others to execute it. Tom defending its life, one of them opens fire and hits Rick by mistake. Unfortunately Rick doesn’t survive but the Skitter escapes. Which leaves me to wonder if the Skitter was actually telling the truth or not. That’s another death Ben has had to endure other than Jimmy’s death. I blame Ben for both Jimmy and Ricky’s death, without him being there Jimmy would be alive and well. At the end of the episode Ben says he’s going away for quite a long time. Tom and Weaver are both concerned about Ben’s well being, he may be a threat to the Second Mass.

Whilst Margaret is recovering in the hospital bed, Hal says that he needs her but Margaret is still putting on a hard face.  There is definitely a connection between them, I mean what else do they have to live for? Other than surviving. They manage to get the power in the hospital running again using the back up generator and everyone looks as though they’re celebrating.

I don’t really have much thought on Rick, I don’t really remember him from the first series but I remember him being harnessed along with Ben and other children. I really want to know about the Skitter rebellion if it is even real or not I am more interested in knowing the truth now, aha! I’m also hoping Karen comes back and breaks the little romance both Hal and Margaret are having. I know I’m harsh aren’t I? But I love a good drama. Until next week we won’t know the truth behind the Skitter’s words.


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