The Amazing Spider-Man Tonight!

After the long wait I’m FINALLY going to see the new hit movie The Amazing Spider-Man. I’m a big Spidey fan and tonight is going to be immense. I’m still shocked that it isn’t Tobey Maguire anymore, so I’m hoping that Andrew Garfield will be as good as Tobey Maguire. This film also has Emma Stone the girl that goes by the name of Wichita in Zombieland, so I’m also excited to be seeing her play Gwen Stacy. So the plan tonight will be to meet up with a few friends, catch a bite to eat (Hopefully not a spider bite, get it?) then make our way to the ODEON which is our cinemas. I will be paying £7.99 for the deluxe meal which comes with a free Spider-Man cup, I mean why not? It’s not everyday that a new Spider-Man film is released. Check into the movie via @GetGlue then write a MASSIVE post on how good the movie was. To most people that sounds boring, to me that sounds like a great night out. 


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