My Week of the Man Flu.

So this week has been one of the worse weeks this year for me, I don’t mean that in a way that something bad has happened. I mean it because this week I have been feeling a little under the weather with one of the most common illnesses going with no cure. I’m talking about the common cold with a bloody chest infection. I came down with this damn flu last weekend, starting off with constant sneezing then along came the headaches and earaches. Soon I was feeling weak, my nose felt more stuffy and my sleep pattern was all over the place. I’ve been sleeping eleven hours or so each night this week. Going to bed around 10pm and waking up the next morning anything from 9am to 11am. Even then during the day I felt really weak, run down and very tired. I’ve had long hours at work this week and really, it has helped. Getting out the house and doing something to pass the time hoping this illness will just go away quicker has actually worked. I’ve been sweating this flu out and drinking a lot of fluids, mainly Coca Cola.

I woke up a few days ago with a sore chest, the pain was immense and I literally couldn’t talk. Later that day the pain had gone down but I started coughing quite a bit so I rushed to Superdrug and bought myself some cough medicine. It helps relieve pain in the throat which has been a big bonus but the taste was horrid. Too much phlegm and coughing this week has ruined my moods, I’ve felt not just the usual illness symptoms of feeling tired and weak, but also angry and very upset. Honestly, every time I feel a little bad, I’m wanting to be rushed into hospital because I always fear the worst for my health because of the amount of bad foods that I eat. So today is Sunday and I’m feeling quite better, hoping by tomorrow morning these headaches will calm down, my nose will return back to normal and that my chest will function properly as well and boot this damn sand paper feeling I have in my chest out of my body. Don’t ask about the picture, I just thought it was funny that Tesco are selling a Man Flu Survival Kit. It’s just an amusing picture.

I do apologise to all my readers for the lack of posts this week but next week I have six topics I will be writing out and posting for all of you to view. They go in order from;

– My TV Weekly Keep Up

– The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Review

– Falling Skies

– Monsters Inc 2: University Trailer

– Playstation 2 REPLAY!

– GTA San Andreas Two Picture Release

So I think this is an exciting week for blogging. Please keep coming back as I will have all of these posts published by Tuesday morning.


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