16/07/2012: MY TV WEEKLY KEEP UP

This post won’t be as long as the others because TV isn’t as good as it used to be two month back. This week is an exciting week because I’m going back in time to the 1990’s when something beautiful was created. I’m talking about Pokemon, the best thing to be created from the 90’s with a TV show, games and a card collection. I’m going to be starting off with season one along with the first ever Pokemon movie starring the legendary Mewto and Mew. I’ve always been a Pokemon fan and I intend on getting back into the original series. These days Pokemon is still around but there are too many new species more than the original 150 that I don’t know about. So I’m not really wanting to go no further than season 5.

Along with that this week my current goals are pretty much the same as last weeks. I have a new episode of Falling Skies and Continuum to watch and hopefully along with Buffy series 2 as well. Geordie Shore last week didn’t really entertain me, it was one of the most pointless episodes in the series. Sophie’s boyfriend Joel made an appearance and it just set the house off in a bad mood completely. So I’m not really looking forward to this week’s episode.

So before I blabber off, tonight I will be tweeting about;

– Falling Skies: Homecoming, S2E6

– Continuum: The Politics of Time, S1E7

– Geordie Shore

– Pokemon: The First Movie

– Pokemon Season 1,

If anyone has any suggestions on TV shows that are currently being aired on TV in America or the UK that’s good enough to watch, please leave a comment in the comment section, thank you.


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