GTA: San Andreas – Two New Images.

It’s been months since the trailer for the new upcoming GTA game was released onto the net and since then we haven’t had any information whatsoever. Last week Rockstar released two pictures from the new GTA game, obviously we all know that it’s San Andreas not just by the title of this post but by the trailer. Below are the two images that Rockstar has released.

Please click on the images for a larger view. These graphics look just like GTA 4 graphics. For those who love GTA unfortunately Rockstar has said that no further information is going to be released for some time. I’m not even going to suggest that this game will be released this year, but perhaps near the end of 2013? I hope so because it has been a while since a new GTA game has been released and I’m pretty bored of GTA 4. I tried playing San Andreas and Vice City again but the graphics I just can’t seem to get around.

For all those out there who hasn’t seen the trailer can view it here:

You can also watch a lot of good commentator video reviews on this trailer, a lot of good suggestions to what might be included in this game that was included in the previous San Andreas game. As you can see by these two new pictures that there is a lot of areas to explore and a lot of good detail that has been put into the game. The reflection in the water is amazing and that helicopter, I just want to shoot it down with a rocket launcher. Please post your views on these two new images, until I find more information out we’re all in the dark.


2 thoughts on “GTA: San Andreas – Two New Images.

  1. As usual the images released tell a very minute tale, but I would’nt expect anything less from RockStar. The little information that they divulge the better. It just helps to lower expectation, though I imagine expectations doesn’t faze RockStar.

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