Halo The Movie!

You know how you’ve been waiting to hear the news for a Halo movie but thenen you found out it was cancelled? Think again gamers. A trailer recently has just been released onto Youtube of a video called Halo: Forward Unto Dawn. Now I thought this was originally more Halo 4 gameplay but I was wrong. Microsoft has confirmed there to be a Halo movie. This trailer is supposed to be showing apart of the movie, a spoiler more like. This movie will take place during the Halo 2/3 time frame and with no release date yet, it has definitely been confirmed as a movie. I can’t really say much information so far but this trailer does have the Master Chief (Spartan John 117) appear in this trailer and it looks as though to be a heck of a good movie. May I just say that I am overjoyed that there is going to be a Halo movie, being a big fan of the games I cannot wait to see the Chief on the big screen, the big screen I mean my new TV. It will seem a hell of a lot different, not killing the covenant with my own controller but having to see the Chief himself kill the covenant. There will be five clips, fifteen minute clips each that I believe will be compiled together to make the movie. Below is the link to the trailer, please enjoy!



3 thoughts on “Halo The Movie!

  1. Its actuall gonna be a web series of 5 episodes each 15 minutes in length. So it won’t be a full movie in theaters or anything. Check IGN.com and they go behind the scenes of the show.

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