Monster Inc 2 University Trailer.

For all of you Monster lovers out there will be thrilled that there is going to be a Monsters Inc 2. If you’re not familiar with Monster Inc then let me take you into the first movie’s storyline. Monsters Inc yes is based on monsters but in a city with four main characters that make up this great Disney film. Monsters Incorporated is a company that powers the whole city of Monstropolis by supplying the city with electricity that runs on the screams of human children. Mikey and Sulley are both monsters who work for the company, Sulley goes into the children’s bedrooms and scares the children, the screams fill up these yellow containers which then Mikey keeps changing the tanks every time they’re full of child’s screams. Mikey also changes the doors every time Sulley is done scaring a child. So there is competition within the workplace between Randall and Sulley, both compete to get the highest points and I have no idea what the prize is. Probably the be the best Scarer in the city.

One night Randall goes into this child’s room on purpose to get his score up not noticing that a human child has escaped from the human world to the monster world. Randall walks out not noticing that the little human child has gotten out. Randall walks away and Sulley walks in and notices the little girl running around beside him. Mike who is off duty is out on a date with his girlfriend Celia and Sulley turns up with a human child. The whole restaurant is alerted and everyone scatters. Mike and Sulley both plan on returning the little girl back to the human world, they name the little girl Boo. Obviously that isn’t her real name but we never find out. In the process of returning her, they both have to act calm in front of their boss Henry and Roz but later they find out that Roz is a working secret agent of the CDA. Henry finds out about Boo and vanishes both Mike and Sulley to the human world. But they manage to find their way back by going back through a child’s closet.

Once they’re back they rescue Boo from Randall and expose Henry’s secret. The CDA arrest him, Boo is returned and the door is shredded. Leaving Sulley upset and angry. At the end of the movie we see Sulley building the door back up and returning back to Boo. I know there isn’t really much detail into the first movie but in order to understand anything that I have wrote, you’re going to have to watch the movie first. The second movie judging by the trailer seems to be focused on Sulley and Mike in University. Everyone partying and playing a prank on Mike by attaching sparkling bits to his body and shining lights on him so he looks like a disco ball. I also wonder if Boo is in this movie as well, the second movie. Please, for your own amusement view this trailer:

It’s so funny, I can’t wait for this movie to come out next summer 2013.


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