Reliving Pokemon 1990’s Style.

Many of you loved Pokemon as your childhood, many of you who were not born then but do take an interest in Pokemon right now all remember the first 151 Pokemon from the first generation. I’ve been watching a few episodes from the first series and I’m remembering all my Primary School memories. Not just from the show but the card collection, I remember buying loads of Pokemon cards, taking them to school and trading them for rare ones with friends. Back then all I cared about was Pokemon only, collecting the cards and my mum bought me the Pikachu N64 and Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2. I remember battling Pokemon on my small television with my friends with more controllers. Then came along the Game Boy colour versions Pokemon Blue, Red and Yellow which were a big hit back in that decade and still are a hit in this decade but more as a collectable. I remember sitting there on my Pink Game Boy Colour and collecting Pokemon, battling and trying to become the best in my class at school, of course I never was. I also remember walking into a sweet shop near where my school was, it’s closed down now which was a shame and I used to buy these Pokemon balls with candy inside them with a free Pokemon toy. I collected near enough ten which then over the years, I lost.

I regret losing everything I had as a child but when you’re at that age, when something gets boring you get rid of straight away and in the future you realise that it’s either worth a lot of you’re wanting to buy them all again which is something that I’m doing at the moment. I’m starting off my Pokemon collection again firstly by starting off with the simple games. The Game Boy Colour games first off followed by the Game Boy Advance games. The first original Pokemon games that were released were not released in this country first, but in Japan which has four version called: Blue, Red, Green and Yellow. When they were released in this country, Pokemon Green was not released, and to this day I have no answer for that happening. But people will say that you can get the Green version on Game Boy Colour, yes you can but it isn’t legit, it’s a bootleg (Fake) which means someone has modded/altered it and released an unofficial version of the game that doesn’t exist. You can find the original Japanese versions on eBay which are really expensive to purchase. You’re looking up to £50 British Pounds just for all four which isn’t including the postage and packaging. For the full English versions of Blue, Red and Yellow you can find on both Amazon and eBay.

For the Game Boy versions of Pokemon I also forgot to mention that there isn’t just Yellow, Blue and Red but other versions such as: Gold, Crystal and Silver versions which were released after the first three. There has been a reported common fault with all games after a long period of time the save file will delete itself because the save battery inside the games themselves only last a few years, also depending on the condition you keep your cartridge in, it might last longer. You can replace the battery but if you do then you will lose your save file. If you’re willing to go out there and spend a little more cash then you can buy both Mega Memory Card for your Game Boy, that will let you copy your save files onto the Mega Memory then save them onto your computer. Yet again it’s both easy and simple to do if you follow Youtube videos.

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire were then both released on the new Game Boy Advance versions. Better graphics, sound quality and more Pokemon to collect and battle. Pokemon Leaf Green and Fire Red were then released and soon after Emerald which is the last Game Boy Advance (GBA) to have been released before the Nintendo DS series. I’m not going to get much into the DS series because I’ve only downloaded them to my R4 and haven’t really played them all through fully. All the games are pretty much following Ash’s life, from the first episode you wake up in bed in a small town and today is the day that you get your first Pokemon. In every Pokemon game you will choose from three Pokemon: Water Type, Fire Type or Grass Type and the one that you will choose the other alternate character in the game (Your best friend) will choose a type after you and will always pick a type that is stronger than yours. Each game has their own little storyline but alongside that is a big adventure, you can explore different towns and collect many wild and rare Pokemon. Honestly, these games will never bore you and truthfully these games will be around for many more years to come.

Moving on with the Pokemon card collection, in the 1990′s before more Pokemon were introduced after the first original 151 there was a card collection. All to be collected in order and each individual card would hold some sort of value to either be traded or purchased. I tried collecting the whole card collection but in all honesty, it was an achievement I never achieved. I accidentally traded a Shiny Garados (Water Type) to someone for a bloody crappy Squirtle (Water Type) because back then I thought Suirtle was rare until I realised it wasn’t. The collection came in all forms, shiny cards which were more in value alongside with Japanese cards which a lot of kids back then wanted. Along came the first movie of Pokemon and when you went to the cinemas you got a free Pokemon Promo movie card and mine was Mewto. I believe that there were more than just one to collect but all I got was just one simple stupid card that no one wanted to trade and it wasn’t like I wanted to get rid of it anyway. I just wanted to see what other people thought and a lot of people had the same card as mine. When Pokemon later became unpopular in my school, this girl called Hayley gave me her whole collection in a plastic folder for three smelly gel pens (Pens that had a smelly ending) and I seemed to be the only one in my year who still kept Pokemon in fashion even though I wasn’t popular or anything so I kept it to myself.

My mum purchased me the Nintendo 64 Pikachu console alongside with a Pokemon game called Pokemon Stadium 64 and that games had many features. A lot features from battling other Pokemon in the competitions or playing small mini games which were really not that good. You could also verse Mewto the strongest Pokemon of that time but I never beat him. He was always a challenge for me. One day I stupidly sold all Nintendo 64 console and games for £20 which was the worst fucking mistake of my life. I mean, now the console is pretty much hard to get as it is and I stupidly sold it for such a low price. If I were to go back in time right now, I would take that console by force and keep it with me at all times. I cannot believe I was that stupid to give up such a beautiful and perfect console. The Pokemon fad of my generation slowly became unpopular but still managed to keep itself going on TV with today of having fifteen seasons and still currently being aired today (2012). I’m currently in the process of keeping up with there are over one thousand Pokemon episodes and it’s going to take A LOT of times just to get to the new episodes. As I was saying about the original 151 Pokemon and then more afterwards were introduced and up until today I’m not sure how many there are but there are quite a lot to remember and most of them either look stupid or have stupid names. Below are all the names and the type of Pokemon that they are. A lot of them you will be familiar with especially from the first 151 generation but the rest I haven’t a bloody clue aha!

001 Bulbasaur Fushigidane 231 Egg
002 Ivysaur Fushigisou 232 Bulbasaur
003 Venusaur Fushigibana 233 Ivysaur
004 Charmander Hitokage 234 Egg
005 Charmeleon Lizardo 235 Charmander
006 Charizard Lizardon 236 Charmeleon
007 Squirtle Zenigame 237 Egg
008 Wartortle Kameil 238 Squirtle
009 Blastoise Kamex 239 Wartortle
010 Caterpie Caterpie 024 Egg
011 Metapod Transel 025 Caterpie
012 Butterfree Butterfree 026 Metapod
013 Weedle Beedle 027 Egg
014 Kakuna Cocoon 028 Weedle
015 Beedrill Spear 029 Kakuna
016 Pidgey Poppo 010 Egg
017 Pidgeotto Pigeon 011 Pidgey
018 Pidgeot Pigeot 012 Pidgeotto
019 Rattata Koratta 017 Egg
020 Raticate Ratta 018 Rattata
021 Spearow Onisuzume 013 Egg
022 Fearow Onidrill 014 Spearow
023 Ekans Arbo 050 218 Egg
024 Arbok Arbok 051 219 Ekans
025 Pikachu Pikachu 022 156 104 Pichu
026 Raichu Raichu 023 157 105 Pikachu
027 Sandshrew Sand 048 112 Egg
028 Sandslash Sandpan 049 113 Sandshrew
029 Nidoran♀ Nidoran♀ 095 Egg
030 Nidorina Nidorina 096 Nidoran♀
031 Nidoqueen Nidoqueen[1] 097 Nidorina
032 Nidoran♂ Nidoran♂ 098 Egg
033 Nidorino Nidorino 099 Nidoran♂
034 Nidoking Nidoking 100 Nidorino
035 Clefairy Pippi 041 204 100 Cleffa
036 Clefable Pixy 042 205 101 Clefairy
037 Vulpix Rokon 127 153 Egg
038 Ninetales Kyukon 128 154 Vulpix
039 Jigglypuff Purin 044 138 234 Igglybuff
040 Wigglytuff Pukurin 045 139 235 Jigglypuff
041 Zubat Zubat 037 063 028 Egg
042 Golbat Golbat 038 064 029 Zubat
043 Oddish Nazonokusa 083 088 Egg
044 Gloom Kusaihana 084 089 Oddish
045 Vileplume Ruffresia 085 090 Gloom
046 Paras Paras 070 Egg
047 Parasect Parasect 071 Paras
048 Venonat Kongpang 109 245 Egg
049 Venomoth Morphon 110 246 Venonat
050 Diglett Digda 134 Egg
051 Dugtrio Dugtrio 135 Diglett
052 Meowth Nyarth 138 Egg
053 Persian Persian 139 Meowth
054 Psyduck Koduck 140 158 043 Egg
055 Golduck Golduck 141 159 044 Psyduck
056 Mankey Mankey 136 211 Egg
057 Primeape Okorizaru 137 212 Mankey
058 Growlithe Gardie 129 Egg
059 Arcanine Windie 130 Growlithe
060 Poliwag Nyoromo 072 220 Egg
061 Poliwhirl Nyorozo 073 221 Poliwag
062 Poliwrath Nyorobon 074 222 Poliwhirl
063 Abra Casey 089 039 020 Egg
064 Kadabra Yungerer 090 040 021 Abra
065 Alakazam Foodin 091 041 022 Kadabra
066 Machop Wanriky 142 073 040 Egg
067 Machoke Goriky 143 074 041 Machop
068 Machamp Kairiky 144 075 042 Machoke
069 Bellsprout Madatsubomi 064 215 Egg
070 Weepinbell Utsudon 065 216 Bellsprout
071 Victreebel Utsubot 066 217 Weepinbell
072 Tentacool Menokurage 164 066 136 Egg
073 Tentacruel Dokukurage 165 067 137 Tentacool
074 Geodude Ishitsubute 034 057 031 Egg
075 Graveler Golone 035 058 032 Geodude
076 Golem Golonya 036 059 033 Graveler
077 Ponyta Ponyta 206 209 090 Egg
078 Rapidash Gallop 207 210 091 Ponyta
079 Slowpoke Yadon 080 235 Egg
080 Slowbro Yadoran 081 236 Slowpoke
081 Magnemite Coil 119 082 178 Egg
082 Magneton Rarecoil 120 083 179 Magnemite
083 Farfetch’d Kamonegi 160 224 Egg
084 Doduo Dodo 204 092 Egg
085 Dodrio Dodrio 205 093 Doduo
086 Seel Pawou 178 Egg
087 Dewgong Jugon 179 Seel
088 Grimer Betbeter 117 106 Egg
089 Muk Betbeton 118 107 Grimer
090 Shellder Shellder 171 Egg
091 Cloyster Parshen 172 Shellder
092 Gastly Ghos 058 206 069 Egg
093 Haunter Ghost 059 207 070 Gastly
094 Gengar Gangar 060 208 071 Haunter
095 Onix Iwark 062 226 034 Egg
096 Drowzee Sleep 087 Egg
097 Hypno Sleeper 088 Drowzee
098 Krabby Crab 166 Egg
099 Kingler Kingler 167 Krabby
100 Voltorb Biriridama 121 084 226 Egg
101 Electrode Marumine 122 085 227 Voltorb
102 Exeggcute Tamatama 105 218 Egg
103 Exeggutor Nassy 106 219 Exeggcute
104 Cubone Karakara 208 220 Egg
105 Marowak Garagara 209 221 Cubone
106 Hitmonlee Sawamular 146 Tyrogue
107 Hitmonchan Ebiwalar 147 Tyrogue
108 Lickitung Beroringa 180 229 161 Egg
109 Koffing Dogars 115 108 Egg
110 Weezing Matadogas 116 109 Koffing
111 Rhyhorn Sihorn 211 169 186 Egg
112 Rhydon Sidon 212 170 187 Rhyhorn
113 Chansey Lucky 222 231 097 Egg/Happiny
114 Tangela Monjara 182 230 181 Egg
115 Kangaskhan Garura 210 Egg
116 Horsea Tattu 190 184 236 Egg
117 Seadra Seadra 191 185 237 Horsea
118 Goldeen Tosakinto 078 050 078 Egg
119 Seaking Azumao 079 051 079 Goldeen
120 Staryu Hitodeman 169 143 Egg
121 Starmie Starmie 170 144 Staryu
122 Mr. Mime Barrierd 158 233 095 Egg/Mime Jr.
123 Scyther Strike 111 195 Egg
124 Jynx Rougela 155 240 Smoochum
125 Electabuzz Eleboo 157 210 198 Elekid
126 Magmar Boober 153 201 Magby
127 Pinsir Kailios 113 167 Egg
128 Tauros Kentauros 150 Egg
129 Magikarp Koiking 076 052 023 Egg
130 Gyarados Gyarados 077 053 024 Magikarp
131 Lapras Laplace 224 Egg
132 Ditto Metamon 092
133 Eevee Eievui 184 163 Egg
134 Vaporeon Showers 185 164 Eevee
135 Jolteon Thunders 186 165 Eevee
136 Flareon Booster 187 166 Eevee
137 Porygon Porygon/Polygon[2] 220 192 Egg
138 Omanyte Omnite 225 Egg/Helix Fossil
139 Omastar Omstar 226 Omanyte
140 Kabuto Kabuto 227 Egg/Dome Fossil
141 Kabutops Kabutops 228 Kabuto
142 Aerodactyl Ptera 229 Egg/Old Amber
143 Snorlax Kabigon 230 239 113 Egg/Munchlax
144 Articuno Freezer 240
145 Zapdos Thunder 241
146 Moltres Fire 242
147 Dratini Miniryu 246 Egg
148 Dragonair Hakuryu 247 Dratini
149 Dragonite Kairyu 248 Dragonair
150 Mewtwo Mewtwo 254
151 Mew Mew 255

As you can see there is a hell of a lot of Pokemon in that list. The episodes first started off with a trainer called Ash Ketchum who firsts starts off with a Pokemon called Pikachu (Electric Type) which becomes Ash’s best friend. When Ash leaves home his adventure slowly begins to build up as he meets his second partner Misty. Mist is a young stuck up moany girl who keeps on following Ash because he broke her bike but that isn’t the case, she follows him because like herself, she wants adventure and to be a trainer. Both Ash and Misty come face to face with a Rock Gym Leader called Brock who then joins the journey to become a Pokemon breeder. Along their journey’s all three of them are being followed by the evil Team Rocket which consists of two humans called Jessie and James and one Pokemon called Meowth. All they do is cause trouble for Brock, Ash and Misty but they always seem to be losing all of the time. Pokemon is all about the long journey, collecting rare and valuable Pokemon  and pretty much becoming the best trainer out there. The games all follow a similar storyline but you don’t have followers just opponents. So I will be reliving the Pokemon journey from scratch and I hope to build my knowledge back up but only with the first 151 Pokemon generation only.  I refuse to get into the new series because they aren’t my childhood. I know that you cannot get any of the first seasons on DVD, but download only.

The image just above is of Misty, Ash and Brock. These first three trainers are the first generation of Pokemon trainers that venture out to become the best. Pokemon will always be around as for its fans that abandoned this fad I hope they will return to this beautiful creation. More posts will come of my collection and I’m hoping to collect them all!


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