Bus and Car Crash Images 28/07/2012.

Today has been the strangest day this week, or should I say this year for crashes. I witnessed a bus and car both side by side. By the photos the situation doesn’t look that bad but by the end, the fire fighters had to cut through the car just to get people out. It must have been really serious. Anyway, the images are below…


2 thoughts on “Bus and Car Crash Images 28/07/2012.

  1. Looks very serious to me! I remember being at school and attenting 2 different school trips, both of which resulted in the coach crashing; once into a car, very similar to the one you displayed here, and the other into a swimming pool! Though I still have a great picture of a Waitrose van getting stuck rather slanted, under a low bridge.

    • You should see my other post on the flooding we had in the North East. That day was amazing! I can imagine a Waitrose van upside down for some reason, then a ASDA van on top aha!

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