Pokemon Green A FAKE!

So I stumbled across Pokemon Green on the Game Boy on eBay so I decided to win it. I Googled it because I thought it was legit but I found out that if it’s in English with a black case then it is a bootleg (Modded version). We all know the original Japanese versions of Pokemon game’s on the Game boy are called Pocketmonsters. Versions: Blue, Red, Green and Yellow are all four of the original versions. This game however doesn’t save my game saves, all the pokemon are named differently and Professor Oak has a different name. The menu looks different and weird, below is an image I took of the game and the game menu.

As you can see from image that the game is a fake. The menu is similar to the Japanese versions. This isn’t the start of my Pokemon collection by the way. I was just intrigued to know about this *Fake* game so I purchased it in order to see what it was like and I wasted my money.


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