The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Review.

If you’ve not seen this film yet then I am sorry but I am going to spoil it for you, I’m like a big spoiler. So I went to see this film on Wednesday night and words could not express how I feel about this movie on that night. This Spider-Man film has defeated the other three previous movies. I’m going to be getting really deep into this conversation so prepare yourself for a bunch of garbage, all true of course, why else would you be reading my thoughts? ūüėÄ

The Amazing Spider-Man started off with a series of comics in the 1960’s, creator Stan Lee of the first series of Spider-Man comics they were published by a company called Marvel Comics. The Amazing Spider-Man has hundreds of comics from the past few decades and now has been made into a movie following the storyline of Peter Parker’s life. If you have seen Spider-Man 1, 2 and 3 then note to self that this isn’t a follow on, those movies were paid for by Sony. Sony bought some of the rights to Spiderman but using an alternate storyline. That storyline followed the life of Peter who fell in love with a girl called Mary Jane Watson and shows Uncle Ben being shot by criminal who stole money and shot Ben because he wouldn’t hand over his car.

The Amazing Spider-Man’s storyline is an original. It all starts off with Peter as a young boy, playing hide and go seek in his house, looking for his parents Peter stumbles across his dad’s study area and notices that someone has broken into the study room. Peter calling for his parents both his mum and dad appear out of nowhere, look around the room and freak out. Peter’s mum takes Peter to get his belongings and Peter’s dad grabs all of his classified documents of a project that he was working with at OsCorp. Peter’s parents drop him off at his Uncle Ben and Aunt May’s house where Peter would soon realise to be his permanent home until he is a teenager. As the years go by May and Ben bring Peter up and in his teens Peter is close to both his Aunt and Uncle, he helps out with the housework, does him homework and obsesses over the love of his life Gwen Stacy. Gwen originally was replaced with Mary Jane Watson but now this storyline is focused on Gwen Stacy. In high school, Peter has an enemy who always bully’s him, picks on him and he goes by the name of Flash Thompson. Flash is just your local high school bully, muscular and very well built, Flash has a reputation not to be messed with.

Peter returns home after a long day at school and his Uncle Ben asks Peter to go into the basement to salvage anything worth keeping from the leak they had in their house. Peter stumbles across a briefcase he soon realises that it belongs to his father. Peter opens it up and find his father’s glasses which Peter wears in the film. Peter also finds secret documents which contains a chemical formulae that Peter does not understand. Peter heads to OsCorp in search of a scientist called Dr. Curt Connors who worked with Peter’s dad years ago. When Peter enters OsCorp the¬†receptionist asks Peter if he is an intern and gives him a name badge that doesn’t belong to Peter. Peter is forced to join a group that is was currently being toured around OsCorp by the beautiful Gwen Stacy who works for Dr. Curt Connors and Normal Osborn who owns OsCorp. Gwen notices Peter in the group of interns and speaks to him privately. She pretty much gives Peter permission to walk off, which he does. Peter explores OsCorp looking for the one armed scientist Connors, Peter suddenly sees another scientist by the name of Dr. Ratha who is Connor’s superior (Boss). Dr. Ratha heads into a room which had a touch pad screen as a security code which Peter memorizes. Peter waits for Ratha to come out then Peter makes a move for the door. Once inside the room Peter takes a look around and walks into this weird chamber like room filled with a machine that spins around in circles. This machines is covered in spider webs with loads of genetically altered spiders. One of the spiders bites peter on the back of the neck and the whole machine seems to be acting up with alarms going off so Peter escapes from the bio chamber’s room. Once Peter is out he bumps into Gwen and also he bumps into Dr. Curt Connors. Gwen explains to Connors that Peter is an intern, one of the brightest in the city. Although Gwen doesn’t use Peter’s name because Peter is using a fake name and she doesn’t want Peter to get caught.

After being at OsCorp Peter leaves and gets on a train, he passes out asleep and when he is asleep some old man puts a alcohol glass bottle on his forehead, Peter senses this and he can sense the drop of liquid falling from the bottle. When the drip of liquid hits Peter’s forehead he wakes up and jumps up straight onto the roof inside the train, hanging down he doesn’t realise what is going on. Peter jumps down and notices that his hand gets stuck to a women’s top. He tries to remove it but that results in her top being pulled off and Peter having to fight a men on the train. Once Peter arrives home, he notices the spider that bit him was still attached to his neck where the bits was hanging off a spider web. Peter’s unusual behaviour leads him to figuring out his fathers riddle. Peter confronts Connors at his house, Peter tells Connors who is really is and Connors believes Peter. Peter gives Connors the formulae that his father was working on to Connors and then Connors uses that at OsCorp.

The formulae that his father kept hidden for a good reason, Peter figured it out. Meanwhile back at OsCorp, Connors isn’t co-operating with Ratha on the human trials, so Ratha shuts down Connors and unfortunately for Ratha, Connors uses the formulae and turns into the evil mutant Lizard. Peter designs a costume that he finds comfortable with and uses to help crime within the city. After a argument in the household Peter walks off, his Uncle Ben follows him to a shop, this criminal in the shop steals a lot of stuff, chucks something at Peter and runs off. In the street there are a lot of shouts, Ben tries to stop the thief but unfortunately gets shot in the process and dies. Peter then dresses up as Spider-Man and goes out into the night to find the thief that killed his Uncle. Unfortunately Peter doesn’t find the thief in this film, but in the other two he might. Whilst Connor’s is attacking the city as the evil Lizard, Peter is having a nice little meal with Gwen’s family. Gwen’s dad Captain Stacy disagrees with a lot of what Peter says about Spider-Man being a hero. That results in Stacy being called out to an emergency on the bridge where the Lizard is. The Lizard (Dr. Connors) went after Ratha who is on the bridge in his car hoping to change his mind or better yet, kill him. Peter leaves Gwen on her own and swings from web to web to the bridge and ends up saving a little boy in a burning car. The Lizard (Dr. Connors) escapes into the dark night.

Peter visits Connors the next day and notices a big difference in Connor’s behaviour. His arm and he asks Peter to leave which Peter then does and goes straight to Captain Stacy. He tells Stacy that Connors is the evil Lizard and that he should look more closely into Connors. Meanwhile Connors goes underground to work on his new creation of turning the whole city into Lizards. The Dr video tapes himself injecting the formulae into him and letting the camcorder record him turning into this Lizard. Peter notices loads of Lizards entering the sewers and goes down to investigate which then ends up in finding Connor’s secret little area full of computers and machines. Peter sets up a camera to get photos of the Lizard for the reward. Peter leaves behind his camera and Connors notices Peter’s name on the camera. So Connors goes after Peter at his school, both Peter and Gwen face the evil Lizard but he gets away. The Lizard enters the city destroying everything in its path. The Lizard (Connors) develops a virus that can turn the whole city into lizards. Gwen heads to OsCorp to find an antidote whilst the Lizard heads in her direction. Spider-Man swings to the OsCorp building and joins forces with Captain Stacy to take down the Lizard. Unfortunately the captain doesn’t make it. Spider-Man successfully stops the virus from happening and that then results in Connors returning back to his normal state (Human with no arm) after helping Peter up from hanging off the building. The Captain tells Peter to stay away from Gwen because of her safety being in danger.

This film was great and judging by the ending, there will be a second movie to continue with the storyline. I’m looking forward to finding out what happened to Peter’s parents and what his father has in store. I have high expectations for this version of the storyline and I’m looking forward for more information on the second Spider-Man film but most important, when this film gets released on DVD I will be purchasing it. I’m not too fond of Emma Stone as I mistook her for Mila Kunis who looks surprisingly similar. Andrew Garfield has played a terrific role in this film and I’m looking forward to seeing him thrive as an actor. My overall rating is 10 out of 10, this film couldn’t have gotten any better if it wanted to. The special effects were amazing along with how well the characters took to their roles ¬†with their emotions and great acting skills. It’s also well known that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have actually been dating for over two years, I didn’t know this. :O


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