30/07/2012: MY TV WEEKLY KEEP UP

This week’s TV line up is quite a good one. But with the Olympics being the main highlight of this week and the weekend just gone I don’t think I will be tuning in to watch it as I’m not really bothered about sports. The only sports I care about are Basketball or Walking and walking is something that I do everyday so I’ve grown a custom to it, aha! Unfortunately Falling Skies hasn’t been aired this week I’m thinking that it might be a breather where they pause the show for a week and play it the following week. I don’t know why they do that, I would just prefer to see it every Sunday, well Monday morning for me because I don’t live in America but the same applies. A new episode of Continuum has hit my downloading list this morning but unfortunately that was the only show on my download list today for new shows of the week.

Don’t worry I have Buffy that I keep telling myself I need to start and watch series two straight away so I can post it back down to someone. I’ve started with five episodes so far and I’m not really into this show as I was with the first series but I’m hoping it will get better along the way. I couldn’t get Pokemon on download to work because for some reason this damn Torrent literally took the Nelly in downloading. I’ve spent days with my laptop turned on and with Utorrent open waiting for this torrent to be finished but for some reason the downloading speeds for this torrent have been terrible. But have no fear http://www.pokemonepisode.org is here! Yes, this website I managed to find by luck seems to have every Pokemon episode in the book. I mean every episode that has ever been aired and I’m currently using that website to feed my Pokemon addiction. My addiction for Pokemon hasn’t died down, I’ve just purchased the Pikachu Nintendo 64 for a bargain and I’m currently playing Fire Red on my Game Boy Advance SP. It’s going to take me quite a while to catch up to season fifteen because every season has near enough or just over eighty episodes, around twenty minutes long per episode, I don’t think I’m going anywhere for a while, aha!

My goals for this week are kinda low, apart from finishing Buffy and Pokemon series one off which isn’t a promise but it’s a try because I lack the motivation in completing my goals. I hope to have Hawaii Five-0 series two downloaded by next Monday so I can begin watching that. Every time I look for that torrent of Five-0 series two, it’s really hard to get. I mean there isn’t a torrent yet with the full series on it. So come along to my Twitter tonight and check in to Continuum with me and tell me what you think of this show. I have previously posted a whole post dedicated to Continuum and for all you TV fans out there who haven’t yet watched the show, please the series is almost over, download every episode up to date and watch them. I usually publish a post on Falling Skies every week but tomorrow morning there will be a published post on Continuum. A little change will be good. 

I have quite a few movies to get through this week as well. Last night I watched Project X and it was amazing. It’s about this teenager’s birthday and his friends throw him a party unfortunately for him the party turns into a massive street riot party where Police are there and trying to control the situation but in the end everything gets destroyed. You have a car in a swimming pool and a guy being blown up. A lot of boobs and sexual scenes throughout the whole party. This film is amazing and I’d advise anyone who hasn’t to buy or download this film straight away. I will be doing a post on this during the week. Last on my list to watch is Ice Age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs. Yes, a Ice Age film. I’ve already seen this film but my girlfriend hasn’t so I think this will be a movie that will I will be watching tonight. Cid being my favourite character this movie will turn the tables from being Ice Age Animals to Dinosaurs being found alive in a secret cave. I shan’t give any more information because I barely remember and I want to keep it that way for when I watch it tonight.


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