Microsoft Kills Hotmail…

Hotmail’s new design brings itself even more attention recently because the site alone has been needing new features and a fresh new design for some time now. Microsoft have confirmed they are getting rid of the Hotmail name and re-branding the name to which is also combined with Metro User Interface styling. Microsoft has received a lot of positive feedback on their single design concept since it was released on Windows 7 smartphones just over two years ago. I’ve been using Hotmail for years, especially when I was in school, I used it quite a lot. I later found Google Mail which for me has been a better experience. It’s faster, more reliable and no spam. As for Hotmail I’m sorry to see it dying out but maybe Microsoft’s new turnaround for Outlook will be just what it needs to gain their old users back and more. I can’t wait for this new design as it will be worth trying out but I won’t abandon Google Mail just yet.


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