2011-2012 My Movie Viewing List

2011 was a great year for movies to see at the ODEON and so far this current year 2012 has been great so far again at the ODEON. I’ve been going to the movies a lot in the past two years because really, why wouldn’t you not want to go? With the big screen, surround sound, food and the social interaction of being out the house. Obviously to some it isn’t a night out, but a few cans of Coca Cole and a bag full of junk food (Cookies and Sweets) that’s my perfect night out unless I’m hitting Town with mass amounts of Alcohol. So many great titles have been released in cinemas and some of them have been released on DVD and I always buy the newest DVDs out that I’m interested in.

2011 viewing list:

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. So the first movie in my viewing list comes from a popular trilogy called Mission Impossible or MI for short. Featuring Tom Cruise as a secret agent facing missions that are impossible but not impossible for Tom to complete. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol released in 2011 which was a great film with Tom Cruise on a new mission to clear their organization’s name. The IMF is shut down when the blame gets put on them for a bombing that was set off in Kremlin. Ethan and his team go rogue to clear their organization’s name. If you haven’t seen this movie yet then I would advise you to watch it immediately. 

Contagion.  This next film on my list is sort of a boring film, an epic pandemic virus that kills most of the planet. The CDC are against a countdown to find the cure for this awful disease killing humankind.  This film isn’t all as it seems, I mean a virus killing the whole planet and everyone going insane does sound amazing, like a zombie film. But this film doesn’t have much action in it at all, in fact the whole storyline drags on for ages with a lot talk and no action. I wouldn’t advise watching this film whatsoever. 

The Hangover Part Two. This next film is full of action packed comedy and there isn’t a scene in this film where you literally cannot stop laughing at. The first film the gang wakes up in a hotel room in search of their friend after a massive hangover. Not one of them can remember what happened the previous night but during the movie everything will soon piece together. But in this film, the second movie the gang goes to Thailand for Stu’s wedding where everything gets out of control. This film was a great watch and such an amazing laugh up. 

Now this film was one of those twisty endings where you puzzle everything up in one go. This film had me so confused until the ending where everything became quite clear. Natalie Portman training to be the perfect ballet dancer taking the roll of the White Swan which is the easiest part but working her way up to become the Black Swan which drives her insane. The part of the Black Swan is so tough she imagines things that haven’t happened and in the end, her tragedy makes her the winner. If you haven’t seen this film yet and you want a good twist then please, watch this ASAP!

The Inbetweeners Movie. If you’ve already seen all three seasons of the Inbetweeners on the TV then you know what I’m about to talk to. The boys go abroad in search of a good time, mainly girls. They want the best vacation ever and they pretty much give up everything just to have a good time. There is breakups and new romances. This film will have you in stitches from start to finish. GO. WATCH. NOW.

Those are all of the films that ODEON offered to me to go and see. There was another film that I needed to go and see last year but I never got round to it. I believe it was called “In Time”. That was the one film I didn’t get a chance but hopefully I will sit down and watch it soon, I mean it can’t be that expensive on Amazon right? So my overview of all five films that I went to watch would place Black Swan as my favourite movie of 2011 because of it’s twisted storyline and Contagion as my worse film of that year because it wasn’t really entertaining. I believe that the storyline could have been set out a little differently, possibly more action with more special effects. Now starting with this year’s films and a short list of films that I would consider watching when they are released.

2012 viewing list: 

The Woman in Black. This film featuring Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) as a young lawyer who travels to a remote village to sort out a house that belonged to a woman who passed away. He’s sorting out all of the deeds and the will and everything that she left behind so that he could sell it. But what the young lawyer doesn’t realize is that the woman who died is haunting the not only the town but the house as well. The ghost of the dead woman kills all off the little children including the lawyer’s son. This film is rated a 12 and is supposed to be a scary one. Many people at the cinema did jump but unfortunately the movie itself didn’t give me one chill down my spine. Still, the storyline was excellent and worth the watch. 

The Amazing Spider-Man. This film sorry for my language but was fucking Amazing. Andrew Garfield (Peter Parker) was amazingly epic with all of his fighting skills and his love for Emma Stone (Gwen Stacy) was absolutely amazing. The whole film was amazing with so many special effects and loads of fighting scenes. This film is so great that I’ve downloaded and watched it twice since I saw it in the cinemas. I’m definitely buying this movie when it gets released, it will add to my other Spider-Man movie collection. 

Unfortunately this year those are the only two movies that I’ve been to see at the ODEON. My list goes as follows:

– The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

– Dredd 3D

– Total Recall

– The Expendables 2

– The Bourne Legacy

– Ted

– Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

As you can see I have a lot of films that I want to see when they get released. It’s like Christmas, my perfect media Christmas list. Does anyone care to join me? I know I’ll be bringing the girlfriend along to every movie even though she hates anything media related unless if it’s those stupid British soaps. The biggest and most exciting film on my list that I’m making number one is The Amazing Spider-man, not because I’ve already seen it but because I’m a massive Spider fan. By god I’m in a happy mood just writing about this spectacular film. The least exciting film this year in my media stocking list is Ted. To be honest it doesn’t look all that good in the trailers, but that’s just trailers. They always pick out the good scenes but that also makes the film look needy and bad. As for 2013 another post will soon be published on what films I would like to see that year.

I’m currently looking forward to seeing the new Hobbit film coming out fall 2012 this year. Being a big Lord of the Rings fan I’m looking forward to be seeing Gandalf the original character from the other three films returning to this new film that is set before the original three. This year and last has been great for movies and I hope that there are more great titles to appear on ODEON’s list for next year. We have Jurassic Park 4 that has just recently been confirmed to be in the making right now along with the Halo movie “Forward Unto Dawn” which I’m literally gagging to watch but unfortunately that won’t be for a long time. So please below express your lovely and wonderful views on what movies you’ve enjoyed over the past year.



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