Carly Rae Jepsen & Owl City – Good Time.

I love Owl City (Adam Young) because he has released so many good songs from his albums. Hot Air Balloon and Vanilla Twilight those two being my favourite songs from his collection. Adam also released “Sky Sailing” album which was also amazing. Adam writes his own words and produces his own music which is the one thing I love about him. He’s handmade and all of his music is touching to the eye and perfectly mastered. If I had to pick my favourite artist it would have to be Adam Young and secondly Hey Monday. I can’t get enough of both.

If you’ve heard of Carly Rae Jepsen then you know the song “Call Me Maybe”. Of course you’ve heard it, it’s been playing on every bloody radio station more than one hundred times a day. The song has been played so many times I can even hear it in my mind when I’m fast asleep. Carly Rae and Adam both teamed up and came out with a new song called “Good Time”. I can’t even make a bad comment against this song because it’s bloody amazing. Nothing this year I’ve heard compares to this new song. I love music, I pretty much listen to anything going but Good Time is the best song in my media books of 2012. Possibly the rest of my life, who knows. Below is the link to Good Time via Youtube starring Carly Rae and Adam themselves in the music video. Please enjoy because I enjoy this video, more than ten times a day aha!


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