12/08/2012: MY TV WEEKLY KEEP UP

Hello! Hello! and again Hello! So I’ve taken the week off from blogging simply because I’ve been building up a lot to blog about for the next week coming. I’ve been pretty busy with work as well so I’ve taken a small break from the Media and Gaming world and spent my time elsewhere, with the girlfriend as well. So this post has quite a lot in it so please be prepared, sit back and read with caution of your eyes blurring with the amount of sensitive information that is about to be bestowed upon your eyes.

Current TV

So as we all know that Continuum came to an end last week, well I thought that the show itself took a weekly break but I was wrong when I discovered that it actually was aired and I didn’t get to watch it until Friday morning. So season one of Continuum has ended with ten episodes and since the season had begun, I’ve not been able to delete it from my downloading list because it’s just that damn good. I was nagged for weeks by my friend Glen to get him the full download of the season but no matter how many times I told him, I simply couldn’t get him the season because it wasn’t finished aha! So I will do a review on the whole season from start to finish. There is definitely going to be a second season because of the way the first season ended with Alec finding out the truth that it was himself in 2077 that sent Kiera back in time. For what reason we do not know yet.

Also this week in TV is Falling Skies season 2 episode 9. In last week’s episode the Second Mass made it to Charleston which they thought they had arrived too late because the whole city looked destroyed. But appearances and be deceiving when American Military walks out of the bush. Ben leaves and we have no idea where he has gone but I believe we will see him in the third series which I am looking forward to.  With only one episode left in the season which is being aired this Sunday it’s going to be depressing for me because my downloading list is going to be empty until next month. My thoughts on this show are all positive, nothing bad has came out of this season. At the start I expected this season to be as terrible as the first with the terrible effects, fire fights that were cut short at the end of the first season which was a let down. The whole storyline of the first season wasn’t appealing to me but the second season has proved to be even better.

I never thought I would say this but Buffy has slowly became a new interest of mine. I loved the first series, I don’t know why but the whole American teenage vampire slaying concept for the storyline was very interesting to watch. I mean nothing can compare to Buffy to what we have in our country (The UK) because let’s be honest people, we do have the worst TV shows in the world, only a few good shows has made it in this country. So back to Buffy, I’m currently almost nearing the end of the second series, I have been watching this for nearly two month and I have no idea why I haven’t finished it already but I’m beginning to find myself a lot interested in this show because it is simply getting a lot better. The start of the second series I dragged on, I didn’t really like watching it and I would make any excuse to myself to not watch it. I just simply watched all of the “boring” episodes and along came the good episodes. The episode where Buffy finds out she has been replaced by another Slayer because she literally died for a few seconds. She teams up with Buffy to save Angel and to stop Spike from bringing Drusilla back to her normal state of mind, returning her powers to full. There are mercenaries in the episode to stop the Slayers from succeeding and one of my favourite Mercs is the Bug Man. He can turn into shit loads of bugs, reminds me of an episode of Goosebumps, very freaky. As I get more into this show by finishing off the second series, I’m going to watch all of the other series when I get around to it.

New and Coming Soon to TV

New South Park episodes are almost among us, September 26th next month new episodes will hit our screen. I’m afraid I cannot confirm what the episodes are going to be called but later this week I will be publishing a post airing the dates and possible screenshots. If you’re a Matt Stone and Trey Parker fan then you’re also anxious just as I am finding out what these new episodes are going to be about. Seven more episodes until Season 16 is finished and then hopefully season 17. Obviously it’s too early for any information on number 17 to be released at this time because 16 has finished but keep popping back for my published South Park post soon to come this week.

A whole completely new television show which is going to be aired on CBS 27th September of next month. Sherlock Holmes is a former consultant to Scotland Yard who is an addict and travels to New York to check into a rehabilitation centre. Holmes ends up staying on in Brooklyn with his new sober companion Joan Watson helping the police to solve crimes. Elementary just an American new series of our British Sherlock Holmes. I cannot comment on the show itself other than the trailer and it looks pretty damn good. I’m not a fan of Sherlock Holmes but the American version would be something to watch. Please watch the trailer below:


calling all Homeland fans, I bring you the air date for season two which will be on your television screens on the 30th September of next month. Everyone grab your diaries, write that down and make sure you have nothing on that day because this is really important. If you’ve seen the first season then you’re going to be looking forward to the second season. If you haven’t seen the first series then shame on your, get watching it so you’ll be caught up in time for next month. Sergeant Brody is back from being a prisoner of war, or so we thought has turned against his country and is an enemy of the United States. Only one person knows this and has tried finding out the truth behind Brody to show the whole world what he is really like but in the end everyone thinks she’s insane. Her name would happen to be Carrie Mathison. I’m greatly looking forward to the second series, honestly I loved the first series, everything about it was brilliant. The whole concept of an American Prisoner of War turning against his own country, a former US Marine could do such a thing is just so exciting to watch. The trailer of the second series is below:

Once Upon a Time in a small town called Storybrook, all the fairytale characters were trapped in a small town with little or no memory of who they really are. Commencing “Operation Cobra” to set out and free everyone from the evil curse, or so we thought…

I’m talking about Once Upon a Time, the new series coming to ABC September 30th of next month. If you’re familiar with Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White, Prince Charming and Alice in Wonderland then you’re in for another exciting series in Storybrook. If you’ve seen the first season then you know that the curse surrounding the town let’s no one out but only strangers in. The people who live in the town aren’t normal at all, they are all imaginary made up characters we loved as a child from storybooks. The Evil Queen puts a curse on the town and slowly one little boy is going to break it and set everyone free, with the help of his real mum. The show goes from our world to the imaginary world, showing small, simple little stories of how they ended up here in the first place. It’s like a really long bedtime story with mythical creatures, knights and romance to keep us entertained. Below is a small trailer of what is to be expected, please watch and please, enjoy…

So it seems a lot if happening in September, it’s a month I’m looking forward to the most this year, finally my downloading list is going to be sky high with four shows being aired weekly. It’s like an early Christmas present, I know that sounds silly but I get more excited when new games or shows are released/aired than Christmas. So this week you are going to be expecting a movie review, retro gaming has started and few other small posts that I am not willing to give away. All these new upcoming shows has put me in a right good mood, for now everyone bye bye!


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