20/08/2012: MY TV WEEKLY KEEP UP


And goodbye Falling Skies Series two. šŸ˜„

Yes, this week is the final episode of Falling Skies and as for many fans this is a complete heart breaker of a situation. When the show was finally getting good, they go and end it at the good point. Looks like I’ll be waiting until next year for series three but until then September (Next month) holds so many good and new shows that I’m just thrilled to be waiting for.

Last week’s episode was interesting, the Second Mass have made it to Charleston with the US Military still active they receive communications from the Skitter rebellion leader to meet up with Tom. So who knows what is going to be happening in this last episode. Maybe a lot of fire fights? Hoping we see some kind of ending that will keep your hopes up for season three.


Hawaii Five-0? YES!

So this week I’ve been getting stuck right into Hawaii Five-0 Series two. I put down Buffy and continued with my Five-0 addiction because honestly, who wouldn’t? This show is so damn addictive I think I’m going to need therapy just to keep myself alive. The more I watch the more I addicted I become and it’s going to lead to a major problem. So far I’m on episode 2.12 and I can honestly say thatĀ this season has been great!

We ended last season with the team all breaking up over theĀ GovernorsĀ death, Steve being framed but soon there was evidence to back him up. Chin gets married to his ex who turns out to be a nice woman, Kono goes through a bad stage of betrayal or does she? She’s undercover for the Police trying to stop this criminal that the Police have been after for three years. Danny, well Danny is just happy to see his daughter although Rachel has found out that the baby isn’t Danny’s so plans on getting back with her ex she cheated on for Danny. Steve gets kidnapped and beaten by Wolfat who manages to escape again. Steve is so close with his father’s case that he gets a little help from Commander White and Seal Team 9.

I won’t spoil it for you if you have not seen up to that point but I can honestly say that this show is addicting. I’m going to finish this second series off as fast as possible so that I can finally get back to the real world.


The Big Bang Theory S1-S4 Starting!Ā 

I’m thinking a group of friends that are completely funny and insane. Preferably geeks, yes I’m talking about the Big Bang Theory. I managed to get all four seasons for just Ā£25 at ASDA. Although I haven’t started watching these yet I am definitely looking forward to starting this show this week after Hawaii Five-0. My favourite character from this show would definitely be Sheldon, having a friend like him would be very, how can I say? Life changing? His sense of humour is funny along with his stupid facial expressions. I can’t really say much because I’ve not really watched this show much apart from a few good episodes.



Yes, you read the title. Southland series 5 has been confirmed for some time now. Obviously I should have known this but yes, February 2013 is when the new series will be hitting our screens. I think in America it is being aired on TNT so the next morning it shall be on my downloading list. There isn’t really much to go on with this new upcoming season bar two videos which you should watch.


Hawaii Five-0 Season 3

Like I said, September is a critical month and one of the most valuable months of my life this year. Season three will return next month on the 24th on CBS. This new season will introduce Steve’s mum (Janice) who will be returning from the dead. Yes, from the dead. I cannot reveal any information whatsoever about this because I’m baffled myself. Then again, we don’t know much about the case Steve’s father worked on. So we will have to wait until next month to see what happens. Below is a sneak peak of season 3.



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