666 Park Avenue It Is Then…

After being told the name of this upcoming show, I Youtube’d the trailer and what do you know, it has Terry O’Quinn in it. Terry has played in other TV shows such as: Lost, Falling Skies and Hawaii Five-0 but most people know and love him by his persona best known as John Locke from LOST.

So as far, this is all I know about this show, it seems to be about a couple that have just moved into a Manhattan hotel and later discover that the hotel itself is possessed, not to mention the other tenants may as well be possessed. Which makes me wonder what role Terry has in this show, he’s usually the star of the show and gets the most important roles.

The release date for this show is September 30th of next month, I believe that it will be aired on ABC Network. Below I have included a trailer for the upcoming series which looks all right, I’ll be definitely putting this on my downloading list for next month, which seems to be getting bigger.


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