Hey Monday & Adam Young My Personal Reason.

Both Hey Monday and Adam Young have both been in my life for years now. Both artists I can’t stop listening to, for past personal reasons I literally cannot let go of either one of them. It’s like an addiction, my past just means too much to me and these two artists have had a major impact on my life. I don’t mean the artists personally, I mean two people I know who’ve had a major impact on my life have made me who I am today, yes they got me into these artists which every time that they are played, I’m reminded of them.

First off I’m going to start with Adam Young, of course we all know who he is. Adam is famous for his own creation of music, he writes his own lyrics and creates his own music. Music we all know and love, Owl City and Sky Sailing. All Adam’s music is a reflection of his life, but in music form. All his lyrics aren’t made up, they are past memories he compiles and creates into music that then is released for our delicate ears to listen to. I was close to a very good friend for a few years, yes we had a lot in common but Adam Young’s music was the main interest we both had in our friendship. One song we both liked, we decided to keep it as our song. Vanilla Twilight, the lyrics in that song still haunt and upset me today. That one song was the connection between myself and Elly. Our song was our friendship, it was the one song that was quite emotional at the time. Still is now, but I wonder if I’m ever on her mind, if she’s ever reminded of our friendship because she’s progressing for her future.

Secondly is Hey Monday, lead singer Cassadee Pope. This band wasn’t really something me and my ex girlfriend has in common but it’s a band she dearly liked and I took interest in and it slowly became my favourite band. Two songs from this band called “Wondergirl” and “Josey” are both quite emotional. They both bring on memories and feelings that I really don’t want bringing up, pretty much reminded of Milly. But where would I be without these past experiences? I know I’m not on her mind either, I never was, I wasn’t good enough of a person for her.

Both of these artists mean something to me, past emotional memories and experiences have made me who I am today and to be honest, I’m tankful for that. Because I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. I know that I cannot go back and change my memories but I can only remember and think about the good times, the bad times yes they pop up but I like feeling hurt, it’s just something that I’ve always been used to and my feelings for both people will just be kept down in my heart. I wouldn’t want them getting out because I’d end up a very unhappy chap! They are right about past experiences leaving scars, something which you just cannot escape and move on from, but you just have to live with them. I’m guessing it’s just something that I will have to live on with. I can’t say goodbye because it’s just something thing that I can’t let go of.  Both images are two pieces of memories that I cannot delete or bin.


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