04/09/2012: MY TV WEEKLY KEEP UP

Welcome to the great month of September, with loads of new shows starting at the end of this month, this month is jam packed with new series of shows and even new shows. So whilst I’ve been preparing for the new arrivals, I’ve been finishing off some old shows so that when the new arrivals appear, I won’t be bogged down with so much to watch.

So recently I have finished Hawaii Five-0 season two and LOST season six. I’ve just started on a new television show called Comminuty, which is honestly hilarious. I’ve began to finish off New Girl because I only got half way through series 1 when it was released on TV, so I’m hoping to get that finished off as well.


So what have I completed?

LOST: Season 6. Yes, LOST stopped airing over two years ago and has been out for god knows how long, but I used to catch it on Channel 4 when I was in school. I’ve watched this show from series one and honestly, it’s one of my favourite shows by far. The main storyline to this show, sorry, there are so many main storyline’s that you will get confused to what is happening. There is loads of betrayal, romance, killing and loads of new faces but when it gets to the last series, now that’s when things start to heat up. Over all experience from this show, I loved it and I will watch it again any time.

Whilst watching this show I could say on average, per episode, 50% I would lose track at what was going on. There are so many twists and tales in these episodes, you watch clips from the island and real life. Which is confusing until the last series. I’m not going to get into any in-depth material on this show because honestly, I would be hear for hours. But the series finished off with all of the cast dead, yes dead. It seems all along that the island was purgatory, in the end they all find out that they are dead and they all go off the heaven together. I believe that some of them in the plane got off, lived their lives fully and then died, returned back at their previous age and went to heaven together. But I maybe wrong, this show is so confusing, someone help me?…


Hawaii Five-0: Season 2. With just only a few weeks away until series three starts, I had to watch series two as fast as possible. This series was jam packed with loads of surprises, as we know series one ended with the Governor being killed, Wolfat framing Steve for the murder. In series two, they all find a video in the Governors office, planted by Steve’s father which was the evidence to back Steve up. The hunt for Wolfat progressed but he was never caught, until the end of the show. But at the end of the show, like the first series, everything goes terribly wrong. It ends with Chin releasing someone from prison because he has Kono at gun point, which then she is pushed into the sea, also Chin’s wife has been killed, or has she?

Danny is going to fight Rachel for full custody for Gracie because Rachel and her “Husband” are moving away. Obviously Danny doesn’t want that so he is going to fight for Gracie. Steve and Joe head to another country, I think Japan, I might be wrong. Joe wants to take him to Shellburn which in the end, Shellburn happens to be Steve’s mother who “Supposedly” died in the car crash many years ago. So as you can see that season three is going to be bloody amazing.


What am I currently watching? 

Community: Season 1 & 2. This show is based on a Community college called Greendale. It’s based on a small group or as I should say a Community of people who are all friends. They are all of different ages, all there to study. This show isn’t just based on the group being at college but is also based on the lives of the people. How they get along, all the humour and sarcasm is very funny. My favourite character would be Pierce because he’s racist, insulting and very funny. His actions just keep making you laugh. I can’t really get into any more detail with this show because I haven’t watched it all yet. But this is one show I’m definitely not putting down.


South Park: Series 13, 14 & 15. With the new South Park only a few weeks away, I have three series to catch up on, yes I’ve already seen them all but I love South Park. I have liked this show since I was a child, Matt Stone and Trey Parker are my idols. The amount of racism they get away with is unbelievable. Not to mention the amount of copyright these boys have done, there is enough copyright on this show for it to be taken off air, yet it hasn’t because the fan community is too strong. So I will be finishing off these three seasons in time for season sixteen hitting our television screens.


Next week’s TV Weekly Keep Up will be about preparing for the upcoming new arrivals, when they start and what days they will be on. A valuable and a reliable link for yourselves to download these new upcoming episodes.






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