Treyarch, why patch Ascension?

Okay, so Black Ops has been our for a few year now and we are ALL familiar with the previous updates we’ve had over the past few years with this game. The big topic for today is, “Why patch Ascension?” That’s a good question, before Treyarch discovered all of their tiny little mistakes they had left out in the game, Ascension a Zombie DLC (Downloadable Content) used to be one of the biggest Zombie games going, everyone would talk about playing Ascension, pointing out every nuke and cranny.

But one glitch that I was quite familiar with was the Landing Pads Glitch. The ability to hop on side of the landing pad, but you’d have to be good at it, then jumping onto higher buildings which then you could essentially move around the whole map without getting killed. You could even enter the Pack A Punch room which was the room you can upgrade your guns for 5,000 points.

Then Treyarch discovered the glitch, so what do they do next? They patch it, release a fucking update so players like me and yourselves, couldn’t do this glitch. Which has just made the game, normal and boring. Having those glitches was fun, it made Ascension a lot more awesome to play, obviously if you didn’t want to play by the rules you could just play the game your own way, make the Zombies your bitches for one. But no, Treyarch have to have it their own way.

I played on Ascension this morning and after round 7, I just turned it off. It’s not the same game as it used to be any more. If I want a game of Zombies, I will resort to L4D series. Below I will include a video of the glitch. Remember that it is patched now so you can’t do this any more. But the glitch allowed you to do it on any lander. 😦



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