Twitter Has Removed all Device Names.

So recently I have discovered that when you usually post a tweet, it would come up with the application or piece of hardware you’ve used to upload the tweet via with. For example: Uploaded from Android, Uploaded from iPhone, Uploaded from Metrotwit, Uploaded from Web. 

I’ve heard that Twitter has removed this due to promoting other devices, company names. Which is silly really, I like to see what people use to upload their tweets with, there might be even something new out there that I could try. Well I can’t now, because Twitter chops and changes every so often that it’s a pointless website, yet addicting. 

If anything, Twitter should remove the location, because you can see someone’s precise location and that is bad in my experience. It’s not a good idea showing people where you’re from, your definite location because something bad could happen. I know this might sound like paranoia talk, but a lot of risks come out from using the internet. A lot of people forget these dangers because the internet is not only addicting, but it’s now the human kinds way of life. 

So Twitter please just stop updating and changing your layout. You’re losing a lot of users because of these stupid rules and laws. Removing the function that shows people what you’ve used to upload your tweet with was really stupid. You’re not advertising other products, you’re just showing what different kinds of applications and other hardware there are to use Twitter with. 


One thought on “Twitter Has Removed all Device Names.

  1. I could understand the point of posting your location if you are at some sort of special event (fair, amusement park, movie theatre, ect) but if you are just at home, Tweeting away, I do not feel like it is a good function. Yes, it can reveal your location to people who you potentially might not want to see it.

    As far as the removal of where a tweet was posted from, I did not even notice that it was not around anymore. But I do agree that it is an interesting feature. It allowed people to sample and see what devices people are using. All in all, it’s whatever though… The Twitter world will still spin.

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