I Want to Know What Animal You Have!

This is one random post but I’m wanting to know what animals my viewers have. Could you please write a post about your pets and tag the link in the comments section below. If you don’t want to write a post, then post a small comment describing what pets that you have.

A lot of people have pets, actually most of the human race has at least one animal living in their home. From a hamster to a lion. Yes a lion, a lot of pet owners are very typical when it comes to owning certain animals. Some people will have small common animals such as Hamsters and Gerbils as pets. Some pet owners will only stick with Cats or dogs and even both in their homes. I’ve looked into different types of pet owners and I’ve found that some people have their land full of Camels, horses, lions or different exotic animals such as crocodiles and snakes.

Having a pet is fun, but you must be willing to look after your animal for as long as possible. Most animals around the world are abused and killed for either fun or because some people simply cannot look after them. Some animals are dumped in lakes because if a cat or dog has a litter then the owner will put them in a bag and drown them. It’s a common problem that a lot of human beings are doing these days, in the United Kingdom we have two main companies that are here to help animals, treat and look after them and help the animals find new homes.

The two companies that I’m bragging on about are the PDSA and the RSPCA which aren’t funded by the government. They are funded by people like you and me. If you take your animal to be checked out or for an emergency then it is going to cost. Because Animals are resilient creatures, they need a lot of attention and looking after. Vet bills can be a huge financial problem but if you’re willing to look after an animal then you’re willing to pay the vet fees.

I have three animals that I personally love and adore. Two are adopted, two gerbil called Jerry and Rosie. I purchased these two beautiful Gerbils at a store called Pets At Home which isn’t too far from where I live. Pets At Home is a big store which are all over the UK, selling small animals and fish, pet supplies and pretty much anything you need for animal you will find it there.

I’ve had Jerry for over a year now, I adopted him for my girlfriend as a birthday present, he stays at my house. Rosie I have just recently adopted to keep Jerry company, but I was advised not to mix Gerbils over the age of six weeks together because they will kill each other. In fact, I have been warned about this so many times I just ignored the warning and put two of them together in neutral territory in a cardboard box. There was a little tension art first but they both slowly began to get on with each other and now they are the best of friends. I have noticed that Jerry seems to be a lot happier now that he has company. I’m not looking forward to them breeding though, it’s going to be a heck on trying to find homes for the babies.

Thirdly, my ginger tom cat Cody. I bought him as a kitten with his brother Ziggy but unfortunately our old next door neighbour had some kind of poison in his garden and Ziggy got to it. After Ziggy dying Cody needed a lot of love and attention which was something I was good at giving him. A few weeks had past from the awful tragedy of Ziggy’s death, Cody began to be a lot more friendly around me and others in the household and up until today, Cody has lead a happy and healthy lifestyle. I don’t agree with him bringing head’s off dead mice most mornings. But I love him, he’s aged between five and 6. I cannot remember the exact date when Cody joined the family but it was some time ago. I’ve had a lot of good memories with my cat and I’ll be devastated if anything was to happen to him.

So I hope this blog was interesting and I would love to know about your pets. Please all viewers, don’t be shy, tell us and myself about your pets. That would be very interesting for myself to read. Thanks, Daniel. 🙂


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