I’ve Only Just Upgraded to Blu-Ray…

Yes people, I have just bought a Blu-Ray player for £70 in ASDA which was reduced from £79.99. I’m a movie/TV addict and I’ve been wanting to use another piece of technology other than my laptop for quite some time now. I took this opportunity to get this Blu-Ray player because of these following steps:

– I wanted movies and box sets in better quality

– I want to use the USB function to watch my downloads on via USB

– I also wanted a change of not just the quality, but my collection of DVD’s to be Blu-Ray

Those three things are what drove me to purchase a Blu-Ray player. I don’t regret buying this piece of technology because it’s just what I needed and serves my purpose so far. So far the only blu-Ray that I have purchased is Bladerunner, featuring Harrison Ford. I quite like the movie, I have the original movie on DVD and seeing Bladerunner for £5 was worth the price. The quality and sound are both ten times better than original DVD.

I hope in time that my collection of Blu-Ray’s will replace a lot of my DVD’s because of the better quality and sound. Next in my hunt will be the Lord of the Rings Blu-Ray Trilogy collection. For anyone else who is wanting to upgrade to Blu-Ray who hasn’t done already, I encourage you to buy a Blu-Ray player, you won’t regret upgrading. But saying that, I’ve heard a rumour called Red-Ray. I can’t confirm if that is true or not but if it is, then I cannot imagine what the quality of movies will turn out like. Hopefully it will be virtually by the time I die. I mean they are already working on making the 3D televisions so that you don’t have to wear those ridiculous glasses any more. 


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