The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Hearthfire DLC.

On September 4th of this month, a new DLC (Downloadable Content) was released on Xbox LIVE for Skyrim. The DLC is called Hearthfire and although I haven’t tried it yet, you can purchase it straight off the LIVE Marketplace for just 400 Microsoft Points, which is reasonably cheap!

If you’re a Skyrim player then you’re going to love Hearthfire. This DLC lets you buy a plot of land, build your own house up from scratch. You can design your own home, build two levels to your home, even build a basement. You can customise your own weapons, your own interior and even hang items on your wall. Show off your trophies as well.

Outside you can have your own chickens, grow your crops and even have your own Ox. Adopting children is also apart of this new featured DLC, you can adopt a child but you must look after it. You must also protect your property from Giants and Skeever infestation. This fun new DLC is great for builders, anyone who wants to create their own property can do it straight away. I’m going to post a video below of the new trailer for Hearthfire. After watching this trailer I will guarantee you that you will purchase this new DLC.


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