Halo 4: Spartan Ops Gameplay.

343 were right about the Spartan Ops program coming to Halo 4. This video below shows players trying out the new Spartan Ops at Pax Prime 2012. Personally, I see a lot of games with modes just like Spartan Ops. You have Gears of War with it’s horde mode, survive waves of Locust attacks, I think wave 50 might be the highest.

You have Call of Duty Black Ops and World at War with the Zombie modes alongside with Modern Warfare 3 with it’s survival mode. Also Battlefield 3 you can do small mini missions with one more player if you wish to do Co-Op. A lot games are doing these types of mini games these days, which is excellent because you get more out of the game itself, the longer you can play for, the better. So I am going to end this post with Spartan Ops gameplay in action, so please enjoy, I know I will be when this game is released in November.


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