Halo WAYPOINT – Update!

For all you Halo fans out there who doesn’t know what WAYPOINT is I’m going to explain in small detail. If you’re a big Halo fan and you’re wanting all of the information Halo information either new or old then you can have it straight to your laptop, Xbox and even Android screens that quick. All you do is launch the App’ or the website and browse for whatever Halo gossip you want.

Halo WAYPOINT has a store, a forum section to post your thoughts and ideas, spotlight which is where all the new Halo information is stored and a Universe section with all of the different weapons, characters and ships used in the games. Halo WAYPOINT is free of use and brings all of the fans together.



Recently WAYPOINT on Xbox LIVE has been updated with a whole new layout. The download literally only took less than two minutes and after the Xbox reset itself, I launched the app’ straight away and it started to run very smoothly without any problems. The download for the update is absolutely free along with the application itself is also free on the LIVE Marketplace. You can also unlock random Avatar items when you use the app’, I’m not sure how you do but I have unlocked a few myself from playing the games and using WAYPOINT.



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