Once Upon A Time: Season 2 Promo Video.

I stumbled across this video today of Once Upon A Time series 2 promo. This video is just giving a little bit more of an insight to the new upcoming second season with a terrifying new character that is almost about to be revealed to us all. My guesses that this secret character is Captain Hook from Peter Pan. Just the Hook in the video gives it away, but then again it could also be the legendary Black Beard, but I doubt that it is.

September 30th is almost UPON us and ONCE this show is aired, I will be downloading the next morning straight away and nothing will be getting in the way because I am going to be locking my door, excluding myself from the world for the whole TIME the first episode is on my screen. I wonder how the first episode will start, I’m looking forward to this show. Watch the video below for the Season 2 promo.



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