9/11 11 Years RIP.

Eleven years ago today terrorists attacked New York, destroyed the Twin Towers and killed a lot of innocent people. I was in year 5 when this happened. I remember in Primary School when the Headteacher Mrs Erskine walked in and put on the television. I watched the live news report and it was awful. I didn’t fully understand at that age because I was only about 11 years of age. 

Since then a lot of people, families and friends are coping still with the loss of their relatives or someone they knew. Why do terrorists have to do this kind of thing? It’s bad enough they’re killing our troops and the London bombing was awful as well. Just lay down your weapons and give us peace. I just don’t see why the government can’t just order a nuke to wipe out the less unfortunate people who don’t deserve to live. But then again, a lot people on that side of the planet aren’t all bad people. So we would then be the terrorists. 

Rest in Peace to all the innocent Americans that died on 9/11/01, you will always be remembered. I hope something like this never happens again, I hope to god because no one deserves to be killed or murdered. 


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