Pokemon: Sapphire GBA.

So I’ve just started playing Pokemon Sapphire recently and god I miss this game. I bought it originally when I was in year 10 over 7 years ago for £5 off a friend, I played the shit out of that game. I don’t remember much apart from, you can create your own secret base.

I’ve been looking up a few Youtube videos on other people’s secret bases and they look amazing. The main Pokemon I’m wanting to catch is Pikachu. I swear I cannot play any Pokemon game without having the little Electric Mouse Pikachu. Sapphire you can only get a certain amount of original Pokemon and newish Pokemon to choose from. Here is the link to all the Pokemon that there is in both Sapphire and Ruby …. [POKEMON LIST]

I’m also going to be posting a video of a secret base in Sapphire I really like. I’m going to train all the best Pokemon in the game, become the biggest and best trainer BADASS you’ve ever seen. I’m going to catch them all!


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