Predator: The Films on Blu-Ray.

Predator, one of my all time favourites. I’m not just talking about the first movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger in it, I’m talking about the first, second and third movies. I’ve recently just purchased a Blu-Ray player and obviously I’m wanting better quality movies. So I’ve Googled on where to get the full collection of the Predator movies and the best I could come up with is Amazon, the Blu-Ray trilogy for £14.99. I could pick up all three films on Normal DVD for half that price, but the quality is worth it, so you’re investing in better technology.

So we all know that the Predators come from a dark red planet, they travel out into the galaxy to different planets, hunting and killing prey for food and keeping their skulls as trophies. There is always one lucky human or another alien life form to kill one of these Predators. Usually if the Human kills the predator, he will get a trophy and the Predator will commit suicide by detonating a bomb which he can activate using a small device on its arm.

The Predators have a common enemy just like the humans, they are called the Alien. These creatures can reproduce by using humans as  surrogates, but without the male/female human’s approval. Yes, males can give birth to Alien babies as well; not through the penis though, the Alien will burst right out of the stomach killing the human instantly.

The Predators, Humans and Aliens are all killing each other, so it’s like a three way war. I love all films, the Predator films and Alien films. There have been talks of a new Predator film but we will have to see later on next year for new information being released, well if it isn’t just talks and rumours. So I have set out for my quest on collecting all the Predator movies on Blu-Ray, stay tuned for when I do buy them. 🙂


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